I'm yearning to jump in the grass for fun. Despite the fact the outcome could result in becoming immensely itchy.

Photos taken by me :)

Lazy Sunday

How ridiculously cool is that?

Had a good time last night with the guys. Brought back my love for beef jerky! And now I am luxuriating myself in being lazy on, well, a lazy Sunday.. not that I really need to have a day like that. Going for a swim today too hopefully.. before it gets too late anyway. I'm very relieved to say that yesterday was my last day of work (for the holidays anyway) and I'll be spending my week off chilling and hopefully more fun adventures :) Oh how I love drinking Coke from a glass bottle, très chic..........


Poladroid used for polaroid effect.

Photos, taken by me.

Brand New Eyes

Am loving Paramore's latest album - Brand New Eyes.

Can't wait to see them, along with many other great bands I'm eager to see live at Soundwave.
Which my ticket has now arrived, makes me just that much more psyched :)





So far today:
  1. Woke up.
  2. Worked at 10am; finished at 1pm.
  3. Bought some pizza bite things.
  4. Came home.
  5. Chilling, up until now.
And now, I'm sitting in front of my laptop considering doing something productive, and I will after I have informed you on my boring day.
Thinking I'll clean up my room (possibly find things I forgot I even possessed), wash some clothes and other cleaning I should probably contribute to this place.. and then I think I might like to do some painting later! Good day.

Braidy Bunch, loike.

Beach fun in the sun, also loike.

Spring Spring Summer

Just thoughts

I want to get out. Almost a need. I hate to dwell on this urge, when I really could just simply do it. I've come to realise, freedom is free. You've got more of it than you really think. It's all about searching for these opportunities, rather than await for them to appear. I cannot wait for the years to come. So many great opportunities in store for me. I've been thinking a lot about "freedom" (and the like) lately. Been having a lot to think about. Though I don't particularly want to think too much about the future ... Things will end up the way they should, and all I can do is just wait and see..