In Higher Spirits

So right now I'm feeling pretty good, I got my pay slip from last week's work and I'm happy with that! Plus, I now have the day off tomorrow. I want to do something really good with my Tuesday off. I've been wanting to go travel over to the city and score myself a few wardrobe updates and belated presents, with my sister maybe. Also I've realised that I need to stop being a sook about everything and just suck it up. I should be happy, I have so many blessings. When the world gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile! What a grand quote to keep in mind.

Also, next year I'm planning on travelling over to Japan with my 2 sisters! I can't wait, I hope it pans out too because I've wanted to go to Japan for awhile now. Looks so beautiful, with cute little locals.. pretty cherry blossom trees.. and vending machines for pretty much anything you can think of; awesome! Now just to save save save and organise a passport.. Hope everyone's Monday has gone super! xx

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

Disappointments are just God's way of saying: "I've got something better"; be patient, live life, have faith.

Lately I've felt as though I have no life. Just a monotonous "life" on autopilot.

Miss Lucas

I really like Isabel's style. A lot. Even though sometimes she looks like she's trying too hard with the posing, because she knows she's pretty. I still very much enjoy basically everything she wears. Australians for the win! xx


I bought this from Dimmey's. Same as the other one I bought, just in black. I love the buttons and the Peter Pan collar.

Also bought this Vanilla Apple luxury bath soap from Dimmey's, for just $2! It's nice. I really like Dimmey's.

And this, is what I wore today. Dress from Vinnies and cardigan from Target.

I woke up pretty early today. Had a shower and got all refreshed, fresh as a daisy! Went into town and had lunch with my friend, who I haven't had spent any quality time with in quite some time. Did some shopping (bargain shopping). Dropped off a form to work. Came home and here I am now. I think I may just put a load of washing on and do some exercise. I'm super tired.. even though I woke up myself. I'm glad I did though, I feel so much better having done a lot more with my day. I'm feeling a lot more better and content with everything, compared to the previous days. I feel a little less stressed which is good. Now to release some endorphins with some good ol' exercise. xx

Fool For A Lonesome Train

I hate having puffy eyes. I've decided that I won't stay in this little town for any longer than 6 months, that's my plan. Move out with my sister. Incidentally, that was the original plan. I am wanting a clean slate to start off on. I feel bad for pretty much neglecting my family the past few months, I need to show my love. I also bought the SPACES (by frankie magazine) book this afternoon. I just perused through it for now, and it looks really nice, what people live in, work and play, very inspiring. I can't wait to move out into a cosy place to call my own and dress it up how I want and all.

Also, I'm making sure I stick to my new health kickstart. Vego eating again. Exercise every day. I'm serious. I don't even eat much meat as it is anyway, I don't eat hardly any red meat. And I do feel so much better cutting it out, unnecessary stuff that is just fat. No more chocolate. No more beverages that aren't pure water or juice. And processed foods. Gone-skis. I should get ready for work soon. Have a good evening all :)

Now a few photos I like.

I Wish I Had A Mango Tree..

..In My Backyard....

Awesome day. Terrible night. I want to curl up and never have another worry in the world again, whilst listening to some Angus and Julia Stone. And some Milo.

Workin' At The Car Wash

This has motivated me to go wash my car. It's been avoided for a few months now.

Beddy Byes

The past week, I've been remembering every single dream I have each night. Or at least one part of the dream from the night's sleep. Maybe having someone else in the bed with me affects me remember anything? Dreams are so fascinating to me, with all the hidden meanings and symbolism that you figure out about them and how it's a big reflection on your waking life. It's incredible. Talking about all this sleep makes me tired. But I don't want to sleep! Stupid 3am.


How perfect is that bikini top? I really love everything about this photo too.

I really, really need to go togs shopping. Seeing as it is already spring, nearly officially summer, and I have not bought any new ones since about.. 5 years ago? And I've been wanting to shape up and go swimming too. Swimming is just the ultimate best thing to do on a hot summer's day, accompanied by good company, good food and good laughs.

Back to Basics

Sorry all for the confusion! But I figured out how to keep my favourite template and just use my old blog with all my lovely followers :) I deleted my other blog, too. So will just be using this one now!

2nd Sucks

The new A Day To Remember album (What Separates Me From You) is pretty good! I downloaded it. But I prefer actual cd's I can hold that I bought from the store than digital versions. It's a lot more.. real? This time, it sounds more real, because the Homesick record sounded a lot more edited and synthesized compared to this time around. Discussing it with my friends, we agree that it sounds more like when Jeremy sings live. So it's a good one.