wrapping up 2012 & melbourne trip

This year has gone by far too quickly! It was only a year ago that I moved out west. I'm one year down for my apprenticeship for graphic pre-press, 2 more to go and then I am out of here. That's the plan anyway.

I just spent a week in the beautiful town of Melbourne, Victoria. One week was definitely not long enough. I went and saw Gotye live with Ivana & Natalie at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on the Friday Saturday night that I arrived - what a show he put on, has to be one of the best shows I've been to. It got a little rainy then, but lucky my local friends came prepared (something you need to be in the town that has 4 seasons in a day) with ponchos. We sat down a picnic rug and enjoyed the music with fresh warm jam donuts and coffees. Sunday came and Ivana brought her cousin from Serbia and showed Zac and I around to Brunswick St for a bit of shopping. There we met up with Natalie at the markets and had lunch at The Vegie Bar - vegetarian restaurant with vegan friendly options. I must say it was probably the tastiest food I've had!

Monday came - Zac and I decided to walk to Chapel St, knowing it would be a well over 60 minute walk, though we planned to catch a cab back. I love Chapel St! Bought quite a bit of goodies down there, went into places like Topshop, American Apparel and little boutiques and op shops which had some amazing little finds. Had to stop by at the "Special Cake Shop" to get some macaroons, of course.

Tuesday we spent it in the CBD shopping, went and watched Skyfall at the cinemas. Pretty great movie. Then had Indian for dinner. Wednesday we took a train out to Dandenong - I've heard it's like the bronx. There, Ivana picked us up and got Natalie on the way back to her home, where we had a coffee and they had breakfast, and quickly made our way to Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Ranges. This place was beautiful! We had lunch at Pig & Whistle - sweet potato and pumpkin soup was only $6.50! Cheap as and delicious. We ended back at the train station to head back to our hotel at 2:30pm, where we had a much needed shower and began to get ready for the Alexisonfire concert that night. Dallas Green - swoon! I'm really glad I got to see them live one last time before they stop touring altogether.

Thursday. I don't even remember what happened that day. But that night we went to Taco Bill for dinner (bit of a disappointment) and went to some cute bars. Ate wine and cheese and then went shopping. Myer was trading until midnight soo why not. Friday was a bit rushed, got up early for check out at 10am, headed down to get breakfast at Kinfolk cafe (delicious) and walked to the art gallery for a quick peek before we had to head down and get our bags to catch the Sky Bus back to the airport. As soon as we got back to Brisbane airport, it was slightly saddening.

I love Melbourne, and I definitely want to make another trip there next year. One day live there.
I loved that the food down there was so cheap! Only turn offs: every second person you pass in the street is puffing a cigarette and therefore stinks like smoke everywhere, and there is a lot of crap and rubbish everywhere. It was refreshing coming back to clean streets in Brisbane.

Now I have 4 and a half days left of work for 2012 and then 2 weeks holiday! Stoked.
2013 will be a big year I believe, anticipation!