12 Things I’ve Learned In Youth & Young-Adults Ministry:
  • Your biggest strength is the personalized time you give each individual. 
  • You can’t meet everyone’s needs, but you can meet them for lunch or coffee. 
  • The quality of your preaching isn’t as important as the way you present yourself on a daily basis. 
  • Your biggest measure of success is the daily transformation you see in each individual. 
  • Honesty and transparency are key in gaining someone’s trust.
  • You can’t fake it. They’ll call your bluff. 
  • Don’t expect anyone to do anything you haven’t or won’t do yourself. 
  • A pizza party will never mean more than a personalized letter or phone call. 
  • The second you stop learning is the second you should probably stop leading. 
  • Being relevant does not meaning watering down The Gospel. 
  • They don’t need someone to tell them how to do life. They need someone willing to do life with them. 
  • You will never be perfect. So don’t expect them to be either.
I still have much to learn, and I pray that God will continue opening doors for me. But as for the last five years, these are the twelve things that I have realized the most.
- Jarrid Wilson

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My favourite favourite favourite song at the moment! Love singing it at church and jumping around, Glory to You!

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Today I slept in. Surfed the 'net. Ate. Did Pilates. Scoped out the town show. Saw the cutest kid (baby goat) ever. Laughed. Went for my run. Picked up a few groceries. Came home. Made myself a cup of tea and toast. Watched tv, and did nothing else. I like this doing nothing. I miss people though. Miss that warmth of comfortableness, not having to think twice about what I was going to be doing that night or that weekend. Albeit, life goes on. I won't question His plans. I can live with that. I can be comfortable in knowing that.

Praise God.

solitude is bliss

The show is in town, the parents have left town. It's times like this that I am so grateful that I have a full time job. I am so blessed! Contemplating going for a look-see down at the show with my Land camera.
Breakfast, Spotify and surfing the world-wide-web is the agenda this fine cool morning.

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Don't buy cheap Impossible film off eBay.

Purple lipstick.

Rekorderlig slushies - best.