got along without you before i met you, gonna get along without you now

This year is going to be.. tough. I was trying to think of the right adjective for it. Scary didn't seem right. I'm already experiencing the toughness that it is. It's my final year of my apprenticeship. Trying to be as frugal as possible–but really, when am I not trying to be as frugal as I can? I'm dreaming of the day I can finally afford to leave and be off meeting new towns across the world & making new friends.

If it were up to me right now, I'd be an air hostess doing international stop overs and pretending to be on holiday and living it up.

My current job has to be the best job I have ever had to date. It's also my first full time job. I have the best bosses I could ever ask for. So that makes it harder for me to leave at the end of this year. But I just remind myself that not everyone can stick around forever, and it's not a bad thing to do. Because I really do appreciate everything they do/have done for me. It's just a shame that where I live isn't where I want to be. Can't have my cake and eat it too.

It's Australia Day this Sunday (Monday being the public holiday) so I have taken Friday off to make it an extra long weekend. Mum, Rachel and I are road tripping to Townsville to get the heck out of here. Not sure what's going to go down but I plan on getting delicious chai lattes & gelato from Juliette's on the Strand and climb Castle Hill, which I try to do every time I visit the place. I can go all the way up the goat track at a steady pace without stopping so I'm pretty pleased with that.

At the end of February me and Rachel are off on our 2-week holiday to Brisbane, Perth & Melbourne.  Soundwave in Melbourne & getting my hair done by the amazing colourist Rohan. He took me light the first time and I was absolutely blown away by his hair colouring prowess! So I'm willing to just go to Melbourne to get my hair done by him every time, I think that's worth it and I don't care if people think I'm crazy. Getting my hair done elsewhere has resulted in much unhappiness.

Chai Latte w/ Jenna
Christmas with my childhood best friend, Denise

Street Style, Sunshine Coast

Very delicious chilli egg breakfast in Sunshine Coast

Quinnie the Calf, rescued by my great aunt

I saw you lingering still