Tomorrow is the first day of winter! I'm a winter baby, and I'm liking this cool weather. Although I do desperately need a new wardrobe; I've just been keeping warm in my old school jumper whilst keeping a hot beverage (preferably hot chocolate) at hand. Pullovers are my all-time favourite. So of course I'm pretty satisfied with my most recent buy, a long sleeve slouchy tee in pretty lilac. I have to really restrict myself from buying too much, as today was my last shift at work for almost 5 weeks! I'm pretty stoked, but not so stoked sorta as well because that's 4 weeks without getting paid.. oh well beats being at work I suppose. I'm just going to have to be very frugal over the next few weeks. I'm also waiting on if this Lomography course is still yet to happen. There has been a few complications because it's at a bad time where people go on holiday and can't make it and Labour day weekend coming up.. so the numbers are low and the lady that's running it doesn't know if it's going to go ahead. I hope it does, but if it doesn't then that's $100 I've saved.. ha. Anywho, I've got a new "diet". It's a raw food diet, eating no processed or cooked foods/meals. So I'm cutting back on meat (I've done vegetarian diets numerous times before) and I think it's really good. That's all the 'extreme' raw dieting during the day, I'm eager for proper meals at night though. Some may think it's extreme but I need something I can feel I have some sort of control over, and it does make me feel good about myself when I am accomplished and to have willpower over silly impulses. And today was my first day of following it through, so I feel really good. I'm really considering going to university. Hopefully next year, if I (can) get in. I didn't get an OP from high school last year, and the course I want to do isn't applicable for an OP, so I'm just figuring out how I'm able to enrol. I never even considered doing uni in the past few years, up until now. Uni stuff confuses me though.. all that pre-requisites you need and I'm just not much of a school person so you could understand why I wouldn't have considered uni. But it really sounds like something good. Tomorrow, it will be 30 days until my birthday. Eighteenth to be precise. Just saying.


Nothing too spectacular, but some photos from my most recent disposable (which I got developed yesterday, Friday). I really like the last photo because of the random bit of green light.


I just found a review on my mum's old camera, which I've used earlier this year. It's here, at the Lomography site. I get really stoked to stumble across bits of random information that I find personally interesting.. anywho, I am anticipating to get the film developed from it. Even though it's just mucking around, testing with it and seeing how it goes. I don't even think I took half the roll, because mum decided to steal it back off me. So who knows when she'll be done with it. Also waiting on my Diana shots to be used up, I get all weird with film though... I feel like I'm wasting it. Terrible. So I'm going to just try and look for more opportunities and shoot without too much worry. I also have a disposable camera I can take in now to get developed. I've really grown to love film a lot now. In other news, a big life-changing event has happened to me, and all I can really say now is that I never thought I'd feel like so much weight has been lifted off of my shoulders after realising so much about such an unfortunate event. I feel a bit silly to be saying this on here and not extrapolating too much on it, but I just feel like something needed to be said and rather not get into much detail. So.. I think that's it for now.


The only thing I like about the Twilight saga, is the soundtracks that accompany each film. I am thinking, that with each film that comes out, the music just gets better and better every time. I loved New Moon's, and today I found out what is to be on the forthcoming Eclipse, and I'm quite ecstatic of that. The contributing bands are as follows: Metric, Muse, The Bravery, Florence + The Machine, Sia, Fanfario, The Black Keys, The Dead Weather, Beck and Bat For Lashes, Vampire Weekend, UNKLE, Eastern Conference Champions, Band Of Horses, Cee-Lo Green, Howard Shore. So, I'm pretty excited to hear this one out.


Just because I like what colours you can make from sunrises. By me.


Feel. Good. My learner's log book has been approved. Got my driving test booked. The Lomography work shop is now all sorted so I can attend. And.. yep. LML.

Sunday night update

The 30 Most Satisfying Simple Pleasures Life Has To Offer - Check it out. It made me smile just reading it.

I really need a bookshelf. And some sort of easy organising method to stash my magazines away in.. other than stacked in a nice pile. I don't like throwing out magazines. I want to look back on them in the future and reminisce on them. On that note, I'm in desperate need to clean my room. I keep saying and never do... Hmm think it's time for a (serious) change. I need to be more proactive with my life.. I'll be taking a holiday from my hometown life and work, for a month or so. First going to Brisbane and spending a night with my parents there, then spending the second night with my sister, then hopping a plane to Townsville for 2 weeks. There'll be a Lomography workshop running for 4 consecutive weekends (and I'll be in Townsville during the time they do it), so I'm keen to go to that to learn something new and whatever else it has to offer. So yes, I'll be catching up with old friends also while I'm up there. Then for the second half of my holiday, I'll be visiting my grandparents in Mt Isa. They are so cute and I love them dearly. They always cook up a storm when we visit, can't go past my Deda's famous home style doughnuts! They're delectable. When done holiday-ing it up, it will be close, if not already my 18th! So I have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Also recently got my hands on (not literally/physically) a few new albums in my iTunes, including Bon Iver, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, David Bowie (Best Of - this being the exception in which I actually bought for only $10 from a stall in the shopping centre!), The Dead Weather, Florence + The Machine, Yeasayer and British India. Right now all I want is a fisheye and macro lense, my wish list of books, a good work skirt, a turntable, a new beanie, moccasins, chunky knit apparel (including socks!)... ahhhh I love the cold. With winter approaching too, I'm giddy about it. It's just perfect, and feels like forever since last winter.

Possibly the most delicious treat out.

♥ ♥

5:09 p.m.

Honey I'm Home

I really want to go reside in a cottage home in London. Even just a little holiday visit would be good. A secluded, rustic, sweet little cottage.. is what I'm yearning for.