I just found a review on my mum's old camera, which I've used earlier this year. It's here, at the Lomography site. I get really stoked to stumble across bits of random information that I find personally interesting.. anywho, I am anticipating to get the film developed from it. Even though it's just mucking around, testing with it and seeing how it goes. I don't even think I took half the roll, because mum decided to steal it back off me. So who knows when she'll be done with it. Also waiting on my Diana shots to be used up, I get all weird with film though... I feel like I'm wasting it. Terrible. So I'm going to just try and look for more opportunities and shoot without too much worry. I also have a disposable camera I can take in now to get developed. I've really grown to love film a lot now. In other news, a big life-changing event has happened to me, and all I can really say now is that I never thought I'd feel like so much weight has been lifted off of my shoulders after realising so much about such an unfortunate event. I feel a bit silly to be saying this on here and not extrapolating too much on it, but I just feel like something needed to be said and rather not get into much detail. So.. I think that's it for now.

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