Happy Weekend!

I like being a hermit. Not just on a Saturday night - any night. But I do like spending my time with the ones I love..
PS. Hope you like my new layout!


I'm getting a bike, woohoo! Thanks to my lovely boyfriend of course :)

This exact one, in this ruby red and it's even got a wee basket at the front and everything! One that I've always wanted. I can't wait until I have to move out of home and into town. This will be my number one source of travel! With the exception of grocery shopping and visiting the boy, when my car will be in dire need of that. Unless I'm just getting a few necessities from Woolies. I can't wait :) When the parts arrive, I'm going to be assisting him in putting it together to learn all about "the beautiful history and mechanics and art of bicycling" as Carl put it. He's cute. This is getting me quite excited for summer bike rides! Plus it'll mean I'm saving money on fuel, lowering my carbon footprint AND most important, it'll be exercise! Now I just have to find a pretty helmet. Silly Australia and making it illegal to ride without a helmet. There are NO nice looking helmets for women! Seriously none. If anyone knows of any to suggest, please, do tell!

On another note, I've been looking at a lot of beauty blogs as of late. And a few actually SELL their used products.. is it just me, or does anyone else think this is quite disgusting? Yeah, it's cheap and you may have only used it once or twice, but I'd much rather get my hands on brand new cosmetics, only opened by me and not containing any bacteria. You're pretty much buying the tester product! Sorry if you do this, but I think it's quite repulsive in my opinion. Beauty products: a thing you shouldn't buy second hand!

Tomorrow is my day off and I'm quite excited because.. well I love my days off. I am hoping I clean my room and ACTUALLY do it this time.

New stuff I am loving:

Also, sorry lovers of animals (namely wild rabbits/hares and wallabies and 'roos), but I hate them so much when I nearly (sometimes unfortunately successfully) HIT them while they run/jump/hop in front of me doing 100km/h on the highway. I don't care if they have as much right to be on near the road but they should just not be around. Anyway. That is all, goodnight all! xxx

Beauty Obsessed

Ever since I remember (a young 'un) - like any little girl - I've always loved makeup, pretty dresses and perfume (especially the beautiful bottle/packaging). I've recently gone bananas and now am addicted to online shopping. I have a bad habit of buying stuff I've never tried before, too. But I figured if I don't like it I just won't use it and that's how I'll know if I like it haha. Albeit, I do look up reviews for the product/item before I whip out my debit card. Hopefully I get my stuff tomorrow and all the others throughout the week. I love getting my parcels! I really want to make a video tour of my room. Maybe when I clean my room and once I get all my goodies I will. I'm pretty tired. I love days off, alas it is back to work tomorrow. The past two weeks I have managed to get sick on my days off before I go back to work. Pretty eager to go back to work and earn me some more moolah, now that I'm broke, thank goodness I got a pay rise! Anywho. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! Sending love your way xxx


I soon will have all of these! Minus the beautiful shoes. Darn it being too expensive for my budget.

Old & Gold

Video Killed The Radio Star.

I love seeing what's inside other people's bags. And such.


- Carl. There's no one else I'd rather spend all of my time with.
- My new iPhone. Best phone I've ever had.
- Clip purses. An obsession.
- Exercise. It takes a lot of motivation for me sometimes, but I feel so amazing afterwards.
- New parcels.
- Rainy, winter weather.
- Tackling my stubbornness.
- Roadtrips.
- Grapefruit.
- Singing. I hate singing in front of people though.
- Treasured mags.
- Pay rise.


- Never being able to find anything in my pig sty of a room.
- Sleeping in too late.
- Not getting enough sleep.
- My tea getting too cold before I get a chance to drink it.
- Julia Gillard.
- How expensive it is to get film developed around here.
- Not living somewhere where I can get beauty products like Kiehl's and Burt's Bees at ease.
- Tiger Airways. Thanks Tiger, I didn't want to go to Melbourne anyway..
- Being addicted to sugar.

Ah. I was pretty bored and I was inspired to do one of these things from the old Chik magazine, I used to love Chik. Until they stopped publishing one day and I was utterly disappointed. Good morrow! Happy weekend.

Skin deep

Just a list of all the beauty products I use - and love.
Chanel foundation, Dior mascara, Miss Dior Cherie EDP, Coco Mademoiselle EDP, YSL lipstick, M.A.C. lipstick, Giorgio Armani blush, Garnier (toner, scrub & day+night moisturisers), eyelash curler, Dove deodorant.

PS. I have to thank Bronni, at http://oneoftheindiegirls.blogspot.com/ for getting me into the Garnier cleansing range. Thanks a tonne!

All of me

This little patisserie looks so sweet. Alas, I am sick again though so I don't even feel like anything sweet, and usually I'm a real sweet-tooth type of girl - chocolate being my weakness. But the thought of food right now makes me feel queasy. I bought Marc Jacob's Lola EDP, I really like that perfume. Next I hope to get Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh, Chloe... all I can think of now. I'm obsessed with cosmetics at the moment. Although I don't wear a lot of make up.. I love lipsticks. Always have. When I was little, maybe 5 or so, my mum was talking to dad on the phone. She called out to me to come talk to him, me, saying WAIT, ran into my parent's room and came back to the talk on the phone and was wearing lipstick. I probably thought he could "see" that I was all prettied up for him. Haha. When my mum tell me stories of when I was little I just can't help but laugh and smile at just how darn cute I was :P Anyway. I guess I am feeling better now. In other news, I'm no longer going to Melbourne anymore (which was meant to take place on the 14th of July). It was a mistake to book my flight with Tiger, but oh well. At least I get a refund. If you don't know what I'm talking about just Google "Tiger Airways" and you should find what you are wondering in there. They say they'll be flying again ASAP, but I doubt that. I'm just looking through old Russh magazines, and how I adored them so! I miss the old Russh :( I need to get ready for work.. have a shower. It's going to be a big day! And I'm not feeling very well. Ah well. Life goes on. Happy weekend!


Facebook's gone. Decided not to get any tattoos now, so I cancelled my appointment in August. I'm relieved with that, because I change my mind so often with little things, and I'll just get sick of having a tattoo - and would rather just not do something so permanent in the first place, than to get it removed. I'm more unique having nothing on my skin, anyway. I haven't been feeling myself the past week, bad belly cramps and then today I felt yuck and have a long-lasting headache. Hope I feel better soon. Camomile and spearmint tea should work wonders. It's been a while since I updated this blog, but I just haven't felt the need to.. I guess there really isn't any need to anyway. Pay rise though because of end-of-financial-year stuff + my birthday, so I'm looking forward to next week. Melbourne in 10 days. It's come so so quickly. Anyway. Work tonight. Hopefully I don't throw up or something. Ciao.