one day i floated away

How cute is this family?!?

I got a free small coffee coupon from McDonald's. Think I may walk down there and redeem my coupon. Go to Stockland, have a look-see in Woolworths and walk back home. Been really thinking about what I should do with my hair. Not that it's an important dilemma. But I need a hair cut. A few inches may be needed to come off.. I don't want short hair though, my hair takes forever to grow and I want to grow it forever and ever. I'm never dying my hair again including bleach. I am thinking of getting a front fringe again. Next week anyway that'll happen.

The past few days I've been going on walks, and I'm super glad I can finally stick with something like this again. I wish I had my bicycle here so I could go on rides but it's with my parents on the other side of the state so, maybe not. Plus I have been eating healthily, I went to Coles yesterday to get some baked beans, and compared the salt reduced to the normal ones, and the salt reduced are lower in fat, sugar and salt in comparison to the normal ones, PLUS have more protein. That's awesome. They were on special for $1 too so I bought 3 cans. I also got a loaf of wholemeal bread. I love baked beans on toast. I've been drinking loads of water the past couple of days too so that's good, because some days I forget to even drink water. How crazy.

I have been really wanting to use up my camera's films so I can develop them. I'm really impatient when it comes to that but I just don't have much I think of taking photos of, and when I do I don't have a camera on me.

Yesterday was really productive, I went for a walk (I woke up late - 11am so I thought I should start my day off doing something good for myself), had a shower, vacuumed my car out, washed the outside of my car, bought said baked beans and bread, drank heaps of water and went off to work! I love days where I actually do stuff because then by the end of the day I don't feel like butt. Even going to work isn't so bad :) I always dread going to work, but when I get there and start, I don't know why I was dreading it so much. Plus this week I work every night except for Wednesday night, my first week of decent hours! So blessed right now. God has been treating me greatly, and he's putting things together just perfectly for me. Which reminds me, church Sunday morning and night was just amazing. It was extra cool because one of my sister's friends wanted to come along too (who doesn't normally attend church) so yeah, was awesome. I feel great there, when everyone stands up, lifts up their arms and sing worship to our Lord. The Holy Sprit flows in and out of everyone of us.

I have a huge list of different types of film I want to buy and try out. A BIG long list haha. I will buy some, at a time, and test them all out for myself.

My friend is pregnant, and in just 2 weeks she can find out the sex of the baby! I'm so excited for her, and I'm just so excited all 'round because God is amazing, He created us perfectly. Plus the whole pregnancy journey is just insanely amazing and magical. I can't wait to see baby, March 13th!

Anywho, that's a whole lotta talking. I'll be on my way now, happy Tuesday everyone and have a lovely week!! x
On waking the first 3 things I do are… shower, eat, check emails

If I had a superpower it would be… to fly

If I could trade places for a day with someone it would be… a young 'un, maybe 5 years old

If someone wrote a story about me the title would be… She goes by the name of Samantha

When I was seven years old… I had already gone to 4 different schools

If you open my fridge you will see… lots of my sister's foods, plus my jams

My favourite view is… horizons, driving places

The 3 things I will tell my children are… I love you, yes, no

The song or musical piece for the theme tune of my life is… Bright Side of the Road

I used to be… a different person to who I am now

My biggest guilty pleasures are… chocolate. massages too, I feel guilty for getting them but I loove them

My wardrobe is… not organised, have clothes coming out of my ears

Never have I ever… gotten a tattoo, or any body piercing beside my ears

My kids taught me… n/a

Life is like a… life is a gift

My earliest memory is…. crying for my mum when she left me to go somewhere

My underwear drawer … doesn't have a lot of underwear in it, have too much clothes to pack away/throw away/give away

I feel like running for the hills when… I have to go to work haha :)

On my teenage bedroom wall there was… posters of celebrities I admired, and collages I made - I'm still a teenager too! for at least another 9 months

My ideal partner would have the... ultimate love for God.

Hello. I haven't updated this blog is quite some time. I've finally been starting to get more shifts at work, so more pay - which I'm desperate for. I'm trying to be as frugal as possible. I have an addiction to buying Kodak disposables though, and film. Sorted out my situation with a cafe that I did some work for - they hadn't paid me for the work I did, so I went in and saw them about it, after a month of me calling them 3 times and never got a call back. They paid me cash in hand. How much does money suck? It is literally impossible to go by with no income. Unless you live at home for the rest of your life.. the "life" you aren't living. I'm going to The Devil Wears Prada concert in October. It's only like $50 to see 3 bands, 2 being overseas bands, pretty worth it I must say. So many times lately, people don't expect me to be 19. I really don't mind either, God will age me gracefully. It's fairly late. Or early, depending on how you see it. Goodnight all - happy Tuesday!
The sweetest family.

Casey Loza is inspiring, seeing her on Audrina, my heart just sunk. Her mother is crazy, and NO ONE should ever deserve to be treated anything like that.

wizard flurry home

i'm not sure if working in hospitality is really something for me. i know that i most definitely don't enjoy working for this particular cafe. being shifted over so many locations around the town, it's just frustrating. i'll end up going backwards in money if that's the case. i'm thinking of applying at either the photo lab in big w, a book shop..or somewhere. tree of life would be good because they're just airy-fairy and aren't rushed crazy horrible people that are in the retail side of work.
it's the second day of spring! and the good thing about living in tropical north queensland, is it's most definitely spring when it's the start of september. i'm spending the day relaxing, going to get a bit of a suntan with my sister at the beach, as i'm in much need of getting some natural vitamin d. maybe i can take some photos too, yes yes. drinking lots of water, fresh fruit, veggies.. almond spread on wholemeal toast for breakfast is a good start to my day i think.

^ that was from 2 days ago. since then, i have had a trial yesterday morning at this restaurant. and my experience was just great! all the people were lovely and helpful to me, even the chefs were so friendly!  and i really enjoyed working there. almost too good to be true..

anyway. just did a massive clean up in the room i share with my sister. i haven't had to share a bedroom since i was 7. which is pretty good considering there is 5 of us kids. i have been going out to the beach, and on friday it was a beautiful day being super sunny and warm for the start of spring, which i'm glad we're getting into now. i'm getting more tan! if you don't know, i'm really pasty. have been for basically my whole life - in comparison to my family anyway. so now i'm gradually getting a natural tan. i'm not a big fan of fake tans to be honest. nothing beats the natural way. it's been the highlight of living back on the coast, the beach. even though the beaches here aren't all that amazing. and there's crocs sited and jelly fish season coming up.. that's the lame bit. how scary it would be to be attacked by a hungry crocodile while going out for an enjoyable beach day. i guess we're invading in their habitat.

i'm extremely tired. i haven't had that much sleep the past week. mainly due to anxiousness, boredom, work trials etc. and such. went to church this morning and it was really good. i cried. although i don't think there was a dry eye in the place though, there was a touching story of a couple and the struggle they went through with their disabled son as he lived his short life - which he wouldn't have been able to experience without the miracles and love of God. he couldn't talk, but his smile melted his mother's heart every time. the sermon today was based on relationships. that without love, we are nothing. and to always be expecting the best. if there is a gap between you and someone, if they told you one thing and you don't hear from them when you expect them, during that gap, don't expect the worse - don't get angry and build it up and think "wait till i see them.." and give it to them. approach them lovingly, not with bitterness and simply ask. "come to me first, and i will tell you the truth".

that is all for now. i am tired and need rest and sustenance. happy sunday and have a beautiful week.