one day i floated away

How cute is this family?!?

I got a free small coffee coupon from McDonald's. Think I may walk down there and redeem my coupon. Go to Stockland, have a look-see in Woolworths and walk back home. Been really thinking about what I should do with my hair. Not that it's an important dilemma. But I need a hair cut. A few inches may be needed to come off.. I don't want short hair though, my hair takes forever to grow and I want to grow it forever and ever. I'm never dying my hair again including bleach. I am thinking of getting a front fringe again. Next week anyway that'll happen.

The past few days I've been going on walks, and I'm super glad I can finally stick with something like this again. I wish I had my bicycle here so I could go on rides but it's with my parents on the other side of the state so, maybe not. Plus I have been eating healthily, I went to Coles yesterday to get some baked beans, and compared the salt reduced to the normal ones, and the salt reduced are lower in fat, sugar and salt in comparison to the normal ones, PLUS have more protein. That's awesome. They were on special for $1 too so I bought 3 cans. I also got a loaf of wholemeal bread. I love baked beans on toast. I've been drinking loads of water the past couple of days too so that's good, because some days I forget to even drink water. How crazy.

I have been really wanting to use up my camera's films so I can develop them. I'm really impatient when it comes to that but I just don't have much I think of taking photos of, and when I do I don't have a camera on me.

Yesterday was really productive, I went for a walk (I woke up late - 11am so I thought I should start my day off doing something good for myself), had a shower, vacuumed my car out, washed the outside of my car, bought said baked beans and bread, drank heaps of water and went off to work! I love days where I actually do stuff because then by the end of the day I don't feel like butt. Even going to work isn't so bad :) I always dread going to work, but when I get there and start, I don't know why I was dreading it so much. Plus this week I work every night except for Wednesday night, my first week of decent hours! So blessed right now. God has been treating me greatly, and he's putting things together just perfectly for me. Which reminds me, church Sunday morning and night was just amazing. It was extra cool because one of my sister's friends wanted to come along too (who doesn't normally attend church) so yeah, was awesome. I feel great there, when everyone stands up, lifts up their arms and sing worship to our Lord. The Holy Sprit flows in and out of everyone of us.

I have a huge list of different types of film I want to buy and try out. A BIG long list haha. I will buy some, at a time, and test them all out for myself.

My friend is pregnant, and in just 2 weeks she can find out the sex of the baby! I'm so excited for her, and I'm just so excited all 'round because God is amazing, He created us perfectly. Plus the whole pregnancy journey is just insanely amazing and magical. I can't wait to see baby, March 13th!

Anywho, that's a whole lotta talking. I'll be on my way now, happy Tuesday everyone and have a lovely week!! x


  1. The only thing better than coffee is free coffee! ;)

    I'm glad your life is so lovely right now! God is good, isn't he?
    I've been walking a lot lately too, as well as keeping on in my pursuit of a healthier diet. It does make one feel very good, mentally as well as physically. :)

  2. If only the free coffee tasted good. I shouldn't trust McDonald's to supply that for me.. haha.
    God most definitely IS good. I'm so grateful :)
    I'm trying healthy alternatives like salt reduced foods from the supermarket. Plus more fruit and vegies. Makes you feel so good yes! :D