i can't wait for 2012

1. grapefruit.
2. organic grocery shopping.
3. excitement for new film processing.
4. shaker fries (it's an addiction).
5. spring. i'm loving it so all of a sudden, more beach trips in store.
6. gracie samantha humphris.
7. free soy chai lattes from work.
8. under-house rendezvous.
9. finding $5 in coin on saloon's floor.
10. being happy.
11. baked beans on seed toast, "buttered" with avocado.
12. $11 peanut butter m&m's in less than two weeks.
13. connections. get stuff for cheap!
14. getting tips.
15. iced tea.

making me happy. gonna ride my bike until i get home.


  1. Love the list, looks like there's lots to be happy for :) xx

  2. Ooh, what a wonderful list! I love those little things that add up to make life great. :)

  3. there really is lots to be happy about, i feel so blessed :)