forest eyes

i picked up this camera at salvo's this afternoon for $3. it's a panoramic too! so i am pretty excited to test it out and see how it turns out. i looked it up and there were photos on flickr. and this is the only album i could find: here. it looks pretty good though, so hopefully it goes great. will post them when i can, if they're decent.

i'm a bit disappointed with my diana f+, it does not like the 35mm back. photos turn out really shoddy and unimpressive. does anyone else (that has a diana with the 35mm back) have the same problem? and the fisheye doesn't really work either with the 35 back. but no where develops 120 film unless you get it sent away, such a hassle. plus it's pricey :( i really really really hope my yashica electro doesn't wreck this roll of film i am hoping to develop once finished.

would anyone be interested in being a pen pal with me? i would really like that i think :) if anyone wants to, send an e-mail to whimsicaldaydreams (at) :)

what are you doing for christmas? i think i may be working, same as last year unfortunately.



  1. I have to admit, this camera talk goes right over my head. ;)

    I have no idea what I'm doing for Christmas! My brain hasn't gotten that far yet, haha. The usual, I guess; hang out with family.

    P.S. I'm sending you an email. :)

  2. I have been thinking of getting a diane f for agessss, but i wasn't sure if the price was worth it. So is the diane f worth buying?

  3. I would have to say, I sorta regret getting the Diana F+ in my opinion. I would suggest the Lomo LC-A, it pretty much takes similar photos minus the hassle. I haven't got it but hear it is a good camera if you are after a good Lomo camera :)