I just started up a second job. Casual waitress/bar work at the local watering hole doing weeknights & weekends. It's pretty good money too, can't go wrong with $32 p/hour on Sundays! I'm still working full time Monday to Friday, 8am till 5pm with my graphic pre-press apprenticeship. I just really needed to knuckle down with saving all my pennies up to buy copious amounts of clothes, makeup, presents from my North American trip come December '14/January '15. Spending Christmas at Disneyland, CA. Seeing Britney Spears live in Vegas on the eve of New Year's Eve. Underwater museum in Cancun, Mexico. New York, New York. Snowboarding/skiing in Whistler, Canada. Eating to my heart & stomach's content in San Francisco. In-N-Out will be a favourite I can just tell now, 4x4 burger & cheese fries, animal style? Why not! I'm going to have to go over there at least 5kgs underweight to even things out when I'm done.


The above is a draft from 26/08/14 that I didn't get to finish. So I'm posting it now.


I'm getting so excited for the food whenever I think about it I get so happy.