keep on running

photography: Dean Raphael
Back in February this year, I had 2 weeks off to go to polar opposite sides of Australia. I spent most of the first week off in Perth, and the rest of my time in Melbourne & a couple of nights in Brisbane. For it being my first time in Perth (does it count as my first time if I lived there for a couple of months when I was 2 years old? I like to consider it my first time anyway) and Fremantle, I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful beaches and Fremantle's beachy/casual/trendy/artsy vibes it has. I am actually considering moving there. Only if Jessie, Moose & Gil are still there by the time I feel like going. We spent a night getaway in Dunsborough, Margaret River – in a beach house. It was freezing though so we weren't going swimming, instead we made dinner, drank a drink or 2 and explored what the little towns had to offer. The locals weren't that friendly though, especially in the AMAZING chocolate cafe. Oh well.

Then it was time for Melbourne where we attended Soundwave (Rachel and I), and caught up with friends and I met not 1, but 2 of my online friends IRL. One of them being Dean, the amazing photographer. We've been IG friends since 2012 and finally got to adventure a bit and take photos. Dean is awesome and I am so glad that something like Instagram could bring me to become friends with such an awesome dude. You need to check his photos out.
He has a website, he's on Instagram, and has a Facebook Page.

Also got the chance to meet up with Linda, an 18 yr old student from Melbourne who I hadn't been following all that long (on IG) and she took us to get some dinner at the Vegie Bar and dessert at N2 (OMG N2 HOLY CRAP). So glad I could meet Linda, we still like each other's photos to acknowledge each other haha. Plus she is so adorable. I wish I lived in Melbourne so we could hang all the time.

But I love meeting new people! The chance arose and I took it. I never thought I'd be so.. extroverted? I just push my comfort zone.. like with the photography adventure I did with Dean, I won't pretend I wasn't nervous about it. I freaked out about what I was going to wear, what I was going to do like poses etc. (Please note that I am NO model whatsoever!)
It was one of the best days ever.