Blue Valentine

My oh my I want to see this über-badly! Watch the trailer here:

Aw :)


So I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and had a good day hopefully stuffing your bellies with scrumptious food and laughing and whatnot! I am anticipating 2011!! :)

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas all, and happy holidays with a joyful, prosperous, healthy, amazing, fun New Year :) xxx

In The Sun

Summer, oh summer. This heat is unbearable. But it sure does make me appreciate summer antics a lot more! I want to go play in the sprinklers, munch on icy-poles, ride around through the breeze, do cartwheels, eat juicy summer fruit, have tea parties, go on adventures, take heaps and heaps of pictures.. It sounds so delightful, I'm already excited!

P.S. Second last picture taken by yours truly :)

To Look Like You

I LOVE BARKINS! And, I love that my sister works there and gets 20% off... seriously, I had no idea how much I loved that place until just earlier, talking to my dear sister on the phone for ages. I think the store was made for me. I think I may actually like it even more than Sportsgirl, I never thought I could love a shop more so just for every basic garment of clothing as much as I do right now - and it's all at an affordable price, for good quality and style. I'm giving my sister a big long list of clothes I want her to buy me (with my money, I doubt she'd be willing to splurge probably hundreds of dollars on me, ha!) and then when my mother comes back, just cart it all back home with her. Times like these I love my family even more :) I even love the shopping bags that the purchases come in from there. Just, everything about the place, is me written all over. She tells me that she sees something in the store, and will go, "Oh, she'd love that!" and I love that she knows me so well! What else is awesome, we have similar taste, same size foot, and (usually) same size in general.. when our bodies aren't yoyo-ing that is. Collaborating all our possessions into one home will just be, oh it will be just amazing! Magazines, books, movies, music, clothes, crafts, furniture and just altogether prettiness, I'm getting so excited about living with her now thinking about it! Right now, living like Audrey Hepburn à la Breakfast At Tiffany's.. as if she'd just moved in, when in fact she'd been there for just over a year wouldn't even be so bad - I wouldn't even care.

Wow. 12:40am. I'm super tired, and not entirely sure if any of this made much sense, I'm too tired to proof-read it. I can see that there's no spelling errors so that's all I'm concerned about at this moment :) Have a good weekend! xx

Super Kawaii

The Japanese Do It Better. I have always been a fan of the crazy Harajuku street styles. They can pull it off so well too, so courageous. Their cool confidence is what helps I think, in making it look cool. I honestly think they're the most stylish culture.. in the kooky sense. I like that they're completely over the top, and unnecessary, having no practicality. But I'm not one of those girls/boys that are in love with the Japanese culture as a whole to the point one of my hobbies is drawing my own manga-style pictures and watch anime. No, I just really like their crazy fashion. And I can't wait, summer in Japan 2011! Will be fun I hope! xx

My Heart Is Caving In

I saw this at work, and I giggled a little at the passive aggressiveness.

So some pictures I got developed today from my expired disposable camera. I like how some of them are sort of panoramic. Today is unbelievably hot, hitting the early 30 degrees Celsius.. I swear it's going to storm, and I surely hope it does! I'm extremely tired.

I had lunch today with my Daddy-O and 1 year-old niece. And I'm absolutely exhausted! I think I may have a quick nap before I head off to work tonight. Yeah, sounds good. Monday, monday, monday.