-Start Rant-

I don't understand why people live for the weekend. It sucks. Sucky people suck. I'm kinda getting really sick of having a phone. I want an iPhone, but just to use it for all the functions and apps it offers. I don't want to talk to people with it. Technology is lame. I hate Facebook. It's just a tool for stalkers to lurk people, start pointless fights and post pointless shit... and even literally stalk someone to the point it results in murder. It's a shit-scary place, having a trillion 'friends' that you let know nearly every waking moment of your life to them, and now they can find you, what with the new 'Places' you can tell the world where you are, who you're with and what you're doing. I don't know who I am, and I certainly do not appreciate people trying to tell me who exactly I supposedly am. You don't know me. All I can think of is just ditching this place. I've been keen to go see what Perth is like. I used to live there when I was 2, but, clearly don't remember anything of it. People that change because of someone, or for someone and not doing it for their own beneficial needs, is just wrong. I'm just getting whiplash with all this sudden change in mind, every minute it seems. Nothing right now feels satisfying. And really, what is the harm in trying to be happy or keep myself happy. Worldly things are bad, but sometimes it's okay. So don't judge. Everyone is a hypocrite, trust no one and love yourself.. be happy.

-End Rant-

Sorry, but I do feel a bit more relaxed now.

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