It's here, the 2nd day into being officially summer, and what an entrance it has made! A week ahead of us in the late 20 degrees Celsius, and it's said to be a wet summer. I like rain, monsoons not so much. I hate humidity, coming from the tropical North Queensland I'm not very into it. I am actually really looking forward to the season to come. Right now I'm sitting at my desk, listening to some Lykke Li and drinking some pink Vitamin Water. I've been meaning to clean my room. And exercise. I've been lazy :( and am needing some motivational boosts. I've restrained myself from spending my money on magazines.. it's hard, but it pays off (literally), although I still get the ones I religiously buy each issue. Otherwise I think I'm doing pretty good in terms of money.

Not to sound cocky, but I think I'm getting pretty good at making Caesar salads at work! Prawn Caesars I'm still trying to get quicker at because I'm not a seafood eater and therefore I don't really know how to peel the prawns quickly.. but traditional and chicken Caesars I'm mastering. People have given good feedback and eating all of it too :) It's definitely a good feeling.
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  1. Bahaha 'I'm getting pretty good at making my caesar salads!' You crack me up!