In Higher Spirits

So right now I'm feeling pretty good, I got my pay slip from last week's work and I'm happy with that! Plus, I now have the day off tomorrow. I want to do something really good with my Tuesday off. I've been wanting to go travel over to the city and score myself a few wardrobe updates and belated presents, with my sister maybe. Also I've realised that I need to stop being a sook about everything and just suck it up. I should be happy, I have so many blessings. When the world gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile! What a grand quote to keep in mind.

Also, next year I'm planning on travelling over to Japan with my 2 sisters! I can't wait, I hope it pans out too because I've wanted to go to Japan for awhile now. Looks so beautiful, with cute little locals.. pretty cherry blossom trees.. and vending machines for pretty much anything you can think of; awesome! Now just to save save save and organise a passport.. Hope everyone's Monday has gone super! xx


  1. You are a cutiepie. And guess what! Someone clicked to your blog from mine today, on the link I have there :)

  2. Oh wow! Serious? Man that's cool, people that look at your blog must have good taste hey ;) Haha. Oh, and thanks for helping me with my bloody thumb tonight! :)