Likes and.. not-so-much likes

I Hate Graceful People has inspired me to do this. Just a post with a bunch of things that I like and dislike, simply because I'm procrastinating. So here it goes...

Peanut Butter m&m's (The most amazing chocolate ever!)
Exercise. Because I feel really good afterwards and it is beneficial! Especially after devouring heaps of m&m's..
Pay day.
Triple J. Makes me feel good.
Grocery shopping. I actually do enjoy it most of the time.
Second-hand shops/stalls.
Baby animals. So CUTE!
The Bible. Doesn't even need an explanation.
Disposable cameras. Pure bliss at ease.
And now, some things I don't like so much.

Gross nails. I mean, is this necessary? Is it your aim to look like Freddy Krueger? And just down-right ratty nails, chewn down to the bone. It freaks me out. It's rare for someone to have nice toe nails too. I like nails SHORT and CLEAN.
Stinky washing. It's bad enough prior to the wash, but I really hate forgetting about my load when it's done and it's in there for hours and hours and it gets that stinky, wet, mouldy stench, so then I wash it again.
Liquorice. I cannot stand it. I don't mind red liquorice, even though it's not "real" liquorice.
Cars. They're just big money eaters! Fuel, rego, services, tyres, fixing stuff.. That aside, they do help with getting places. It would be far simpler if I lived central to everything and could just use a bike as my main source of transport. 
Losing things. And never being able to find anything in my mess of a room.
So that's all I can think of as of right now. Wowee I am hungry! I'm off to find me something to scoff down. Have a terrific weekend all! xx

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  1. That vintage cycling machine is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I must have one. I'm going to track one down. XX