Fool For A Lonesome Train

I hate having puffy eyes. I've decided that I won't stay in this little town for any longer than 6 months, that's my plan. Move out with my sister. Incidentally, that was the original plan. I am wanting a clean slate to start off on. I feel bad for pretty much neglecting my family the past few months, I need to show my love. I also bought the SPACES (by frankie magazine) book this afternoon. I just perused through it for now, and it looks really nice, what people live in, work and play, very inspiring. I can't wait to move out into a cosy place to call my own and dress it up how I want and all.

Also, I'm making sure I stick to my new health kickstart. Vego eating again. Exercise every day. I'm serious. I don't even eat much meat as it is anyway, I don't eat hardly any red meat. And I do feel so much better cutting it out, unnecessary stuff that is just fat. No more chocolate. No more beverages that aren't pure water or juice. And processed foods. Gone-skis. I should get ready for work soon. Have a good evening all :)

Now a few photos I like.


  1. Good on you! I need to get healthy again too, just spent the weekend eating cheese and drinking wine and now I am so run down with the flu.

    Some great resources for healthy veggo recipes are the blogs: 101cookbooks & veggie num num. Good luck!!

  2. Oh, why thankyou! :) Great to hear from you too, it's felt like ages. Thank you again :D