I bought this from Dimmey's. Same as the other one I bought, just in black. I love the buttons and the Peter Pan collar.

Also bought this Vanilla Apple luxury bath soap from Dimmey's, for just $2! It's nice. I really like Dimmey's.

And this, is what I wore today. Dress from Vinnies and cardigan from Target.

I woke up pretty early today. Had a shower and got all refreshed, fresh as a daisy! Went into town and had lunch with my friend, who I haven't had spent any quality time with in quite some time. Did some shopping (bargain shopping). Dropped off a form to work. Came home and here I am now. I think I may just put a load of washing on and do some exercise. I'm super tired.. even though I woke up myself. I'm glad I did though, I feel so much better having done a lot more with my day. I'm feeling a lot more better and content with everything, compared to the previous days. I feel a little less stressed which is good. Now to release some endorphins with some good ol' exercise. xx

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