I Shall Never Grow Up, Make Believe Is Much Too Fun

My shirt arrived in the mail yesterday. My dad loves it.

Sunrise at circa 5:30am, Saturday 29th.

I really need to get a good sleeping routine, I'm not doing so great on <7 hours sleep a night. Like right now, for example, I feel like absolute crap.
PS. RUSSH magazines are garbage now. I don't think I can find an article in any issue for the past year that I've enjoyed and wanted to read. RUSSH no more.

Frankie Diary

There's currently only one Frankie Magazine 2011 diary up on eBay, and only has at this moment one more day left. If you missed out on getting a copy for yourself, here's one for you :) click here.

(Thursday, 27th January 2011)
It has as of today, been sold to the highest bidder.

Saturday Summer Shopping

Pacific Fair shopping outcomes. + more

Dress 1: General Pants, Scarf: Myer, Dress 2: Sportsgirl

Phone Photos Big Day Out GC


Some girl's tatts. Caitlin's mum wouldn't approve.

Sitting, crowd.

Pretty clouds.

After The Bloody Beetroots "mosh"

I can't say I'll be going to another festival. Maybe just Big Day Out anyway, unless the lineup is simply amazing. I want to attend the Woodford Folk Festival though at the end of the year, I could imagine really enjoying that.

Big Day Out/Gold Coast

Day of arrival.


Prior to the Big Day Out.

Caitlin and I.


Tayt and Co.

Making fun of people...

The drive back home at sunset.

Taken by a photographer at Big Day Out.

Forward Can't Be Stopped

T for Traditiona.

Leaving for Gold Coast in.. under 3 hours now; 4am that is. Big Day Out tomorrow! Who will be attending with me? I just painted my nails. A peachy colour called "Game On".... right on! All I can think about is going to some place nice for a good feed. But for now, I think sleep is what I need. So, goodnight/good morning. xx

And Its Branches Will Be Broken

I deleted my Facebook over a week ago. I've never felt so out of touch with people and.. the "real world" if you will. And I kinda like it! It is seriously so pointless and brings no good to anyone. Keepin' it real.

Do As You Please, Shame Will Follow

Dear friends, I warn you as "temporary residents and foreigners" to keep away from 
worldly desires that wage war against your very souls. (1 Peter 2:11) 

I bought Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis yesterday because Angus and Robertson are having another one of their online specials, and I have been interested in seeing what this book is like.. seems to be pretty great though. I also bought myself a much-needed new iPod touch, as mine is a bit stuffed up because I spilt Red Bull over it and parts of the screen you can't "touch", plus 8GB just doesn't cut it. 32GB, now that's something!

It's 2am, and I'm tired as, but I don't want to go to bed. I feel all exhilarated. I guess I feel a bit like that when I make online purchases because I'm super excited for its arrival.

I've recently grown a big love for (and been listening to a lot of) The Devil Wears Prada (the band, that is) they're metalcore and Christian. Their lyrics are so pure and well-written and honest. I've always liked metal, just listen to it sporadically.

I go away in 2 days (Friday), heading down to the Gold Coast for the Big Day Out on Sunday and come back on the Monday. I'm not even really excited actually, just excited to be getting a bit of a holiday, seeing as I haven't gone away since October. Yesterday (Tuesday) was so weird, I went to work thinking it was Wednesday, I was befuddled.

Also, I'm now addicted to Mad Men television series. I had never seen it before until yesterday. I'm hooked. It's really such a cool and never-boring show.

Mr Wilde

I just bought this shirt before. It's a men's shirt, but I don't care. I generally love wearing guy's clothes the majority of the time.

My Misery Is So Addictive

Tegan & Sara. The latest album from the twin duo is amazing. I have loved these girls for a long time, and their newest release "Sainthood" does not disappoint.

As told by the lead singer of TDWP, he has seriously an amazing musical critique and his way with words on describing just gob-smacks me:

Two nights ago, in geographic relevance, I appointed Tegan & Sara during my indecisive struggle to choose some bedtime music. Here I am 48 hours later, with Sainthood for the third evening in a row. I’m stuck. There is nothing that could be more perfect about this record: never boring or plain, but only confidently consistent in soaring within the range of organic simplicity and unconcealed honesty. For all the wonderful things that this album is, it could not be more superb.