My Misery Is So Addictive

Tegan & Sara. The latest album from the twin duo is amazing. I have loved these girls for a long time, and their newest release "Sainthood" does not disappoint.

As told by the lead singer of TDWP, he has seriously an amazing musical critique and his way with words on describing just gob-smacks me:

Two nights ago, in geographic relevance, I appointed Tegan & Sara during my indecisive struggle to choose some bedtime music. Here I am 48 hours later, with Sainthood for the third evening in a row. I’m stuck. There is nothing that could be more perfect about this record: never boring or plain, but only confidently consistent in soaring within the range of organic simplicity and unconcealed honesty. For all the wonderful things that this album is, it could not be more superb.


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