No Need to be Pessimistic

Seriously, some people need to lighten up! It's a new year, new decade, and this is a the first day to that. So what if it's just another year. You should make this a mission to challenge yourselves and grow up, and be more optimistic! The past week for me has been hectic. The crazy floods that Central Queensland has brought on us, flooding out our house and now I'm in the midst of getting my room back in order - waiting for the carpet to fully dry up. It's good though, now I can have a clean room! Hah. I had a scare that my Macbook stopped working. It just wouldn't turn on. But I've found out that it does indeed work, when it's propped on my desk. Which is funny, because I never use it elsewhere, besides the other day when I had no room on my desk to put it. Anywho, I was super worried that my $2K laptop had just stopped working on me, but now, I'm super happy it isn't. I spent my New Year's Eve working lunch and dinner, and afterwards snuggling up inside watching Fiddle On The Roof with my friend. Much better in comparison to how I spent my last year's New Year's. I don't really have any resolutions for the year.. besides just what I always strive for. Trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, look for fun and adventure. Oh, and spend less.

So yeah, that's my big week. Just blurted out there. Hope everyone else had a terrific week and New Year!

What are some of your New Year's resolutions? I'm curious :)


  1. Oh your house got caught in those terrible floods!? You poor thing! I love how your still so positive about it all considering :D

  2. Yes, unfortunately. But yeah, thank goodness that it was nothing as near as bad like getting flooded up to our roof like some unlucky people :( And thank you! :)