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Hey, so um, anyone got a spare $200 they don't mind giving me? It's for a good cause. Of the seriously ill without a pair of these babies. It is unknown how many people this illness affects, but there is a known somebody (me) that is suffering.


August moments as per my Nikon

Some (unedited) photos I wanted to share from the past month.
August, slow the heck down. You've been great though, you beaut.

SLIP into bed with this guy

I just received my SLIP silk pillowcase in pretty pink, which I ordered on Friday mind you (I do love the express postal system), and I am so so excited to try it out! I will be needing to wash it first so perhaps tomorrow night I can officially say I've tried and tested.

But! It is meant to be the ultimate, most best pillowcase you can and ever will use for anti-aging purposes and bed-head no-more days. Basically, it is made from pure silk, so unlike cotton or synthetic satin you won't wake up to your skin having creases and lines or have it's moisture drawn out–which at night when sleeping is when it is most crucial for your skin to stay hydrated and moisturised. You can understand that the purpose is essential for keeping fine lines at bay and maintaining a youthful appearance.

It is also kind and gentle and sweet to your hair. Not pulling and twisting the hairs when you roll around leaving you with lovely tresses still in tact after your hair-doing before hitting the hay (you know, to save yourself time for getting ready in the morning to focus on more important things, like devouring your delicious breakfast and coffee and standing in the shower for ages and just all around dawdling–I know you do it too).

A bonus: feeling like a royal waking up on a silk pillowcase. Everyone deserves to feel like a royal!

I think I'm going to have to buy a couple more, in different colours though. One for traveling and one for when the other is in the wash. Because why the hell not?

All this talk about silk pillowcases is making me sleepy and it's only 4:07pm.

Hair Update

A collage to show off my hair properly! I love it, I got a full head of foils done by the amazing Rohan in Brisbane (back in July). He's moving to Melbourne soon though (lucky boy!) so I will have to hunt him down when I go down there so he can work his magic on my hair :) I'm going down to Brisbane for the long weekend in October and getting the lovely Nicole to put another full head of foils and tone and trim. 

This really has put an end to home job bleach episodes. It never works out well. Pleased as bloody punch!

I am so excited, my time in the Isa is coming up to 2 years nearly (my gosh where have those years gone!?) which means next year is my last year of my apprenticeship. Which in turn also means it's getting closer to my time being here coming to an end! The plan is to save butt loads of shiny monies and travel (Japan, Canada, USA, UK & Europe; the travel dream, essentially) all around and relocate to Melbourne with Rachel.

Anywho that's just my little life update.

Oh, and today I painted my nails a very pretty colour:

Hope everyone's having a delightful weekend!

What the heck.... I actually need you in my life right now.



IT is preordered, only 95 more days.

Alexa can do no wrong by my books. Impeccable styling and taste, refreshing beauty in juxtaposition against all these other celebrities out there. I'd like to be her best friend. It could happen. Maybe.

say hi to protons

The proton is a subatomic particle with an electric charge of +1 elementary charge. It is found in the nucleus of each atom, along with neutrons, but is also stable by itself and has a second identity as the hydrogen ion, H+. It is composed of three fundamental particles: two up quarks and one down quark.[3]


21st Birthday Holiday

It's possible that for the first time, the one week holiday I recently went on felt like it went for at least 2 which was splendid. I decided I should do something good and fun and adventurous for my 21st, and so we jet-setted down to Melbourne–Rachel, Caitlin and I.

My internet friend of 8 years–Ivana–showed us some hot spots. Although I had stomach cramps for the most part of the trip, it didn't bring down the happy vibe (I'm contemplating taking some tests to see whether I have an intolerance to fructose, as it seems it was brought on after I devoured a big mumma slice of my salted caramel dream cake and persisted with every other sweet I ingested like the Lindt hot chocolate).

$2 pizzas at Lucky Coq and $1 tapas at Naked for Satan, now those sorta bargains for food is what makes me a happy girl. Monday we trekked around the Dandenong ranges and had some hot tea and lunch. Tuesday was facial day and Chapel St. Wednesday, King Kong (amazing) and Oriental Tea House visit with me smelling a bit like a brewery after the 2 cocktails at The Regent. Sadly that was all that could be spent in Melbourne town, with an early flight back to Brisbane Thursday morning.
Zac and I went for dinner at Govindas, followed by a skate down the bicentennial bike path that night to drop Charissa off her phone charger at work. I WANT A SKATEBOARD!

Friday night was A Day to Remember, Saturday morning breakfast at Brew w/ Kaffe, Dead of Winter festival that night again with Kaffe, with an early morning flight back home on Sunday.
Oh and I got my hair done too while I was away, full head of foils. Journey to going light brown/ dark blonde. Thankfully I decided to take this route whilst I had my natural colour still. All those years of dying my hair black, thank fuq that's over cause that would be a bitch to attempt bleaching.

This time next year I will hopefully be a qualified graphic pre-press tradesperson, and will have enough money to go overseas. Japan is on my mind! And the UK & USA. Ultimately moving to Melbourne with Rachel to get a job live it up and save to travel more.


Anywho, pictures-- lookee here:

Free Birthday Boost

Daiso !

Mark, Kaffe & Lance @ The Joynt

Natalie & I

Caitlin, Ivana & Rachel @ the Quarter for brekky


Salted Caramel birthday cake delivered to ME

Ivana Cutiana


Tea Heaven

View from the Dandenongs

Japanese Dinner



Mandatory Elevator Selfie

Kinfolk Breakfast

Walking to Brunswick St


Vegetarian Dining @ Govindas

The Dead of Winter timetable

Luci, Rachel & I before ADTR

Making friends @ Dead of Winter