SLIP into bed with this guy

I just received my SLIP silk pillowcase in pretty pink, which I ordered on Friday mind you (I do love the express postal system), and I am so so excited to try it out! I will be needing to wash it first so perhaps tomorrow night I can officially say I've tried and tested.

But! It is meant to be the ultimate, most best pillowcase you can and ever will use for anti-aging purposes and bed-head no-more days. Basically, it is made from pure silk, so unlike cotton or synthetic satin you won't wake up to your skin having creases and lines or have it's moisture drawn out–which at night when sleeping is when it is most crucial for your skin to stay hydrated and moisturised. You can understand that the purpose is essential for keeping fine lines at bay and maintaining a youthful appearance.

It is also kind and gentle and sweet to your hair. Not pulling and twisting the hairs when you roll around leaving you with lovely tresses still in tact after your hair-doing before hitting the hay (you know, to save yourself time for getting ready in the morning to focus on more important things, like devouring your delicious breakfast and coffee and standing in the shower for ages and just all around dawdling–I know you do it too).

A bonus: feeling like a royal waking up on a silk pillowcase. Everyone deserves to feel like a royal!

I think I'm going to have to buy a couple more, in different colours though. One for traveling and one for when the other is in the wash. Because why the hell not?

All this talk about silk pillowcases is making me sleepy and it's only 4:07pm.

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