Hair Update

A collage to show off my hair properly! I love it, I got a full head of foils done by the amazing Rohan in Brisbane (back in July). He's moving to Melbourne soon though (lucky boy!) so I will have to hunt him down when I go down there so he can work his magic on my hair :) I'm going down to Brisbane for the long weekend in October and getting the lovely Nicole to put another full head of foils and tone and trim. 

This really has put an end to home job bleach episodes. It never works out well. Pleased as bloody punch!

I am so excited, my time in the Isa is coming up to 2 years nearly (my gosh where have those years gone!?) which means next year is my last year of my apprenticeship. Which in turn also means it's getting closer to my time being here coming to an end! The plan is to save butt loads of shiny monies and travel (Japan, Canada, USA, UK & Europe; the travel dream, essentially) all around and relocate to Melbourne with Rachel.

Anywho that's just my little life update.

Oh, and today I painted my nails a very pretty colour:

Hope everyone's having a delightful weekend!

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