Hey Big Spender

I went a little crazy with my shopping spree on Sunday. Spending about $250 in one shop (my favourite, mind you) but was so good because I was in desperate need for some new additions to my wardrobe. Also bought Paramore tickets, a 35mm back for my Diana, and more foundation because my current Chanel one is running out. I'm really happy with it though, it has lasted me since November last year, with still more to go and only being 30mL, and I use it almost daily. So basically, it's pretty much the bee's knees. I felt so ecstatic when I got my tax back today, but all of mine had to go towards paying off debts.. I suppose all my spending doesn't really aid in my trying to pay off my debts either. Oh well. I'm really keen for next week's pay though, looking forward to buying some divine-looking lipstick, and a cosy-looking nightie. Also, I just love receiving my subscriptions for my beloved magazines in the mail. It makes me super excited to see it laying on my bed when I get home from work or wherever else. By golly! How fast is this year going?! It's August just around the corner.. next week!

I'm pretty happy right now. Things feel like they're finally panning out well. Hope everyone's enjoying their week!

One winter's night

Last night me and a friend went around town, to a park look-out and out to the power station to take some photos. It was freezing! Today was also really cold, being just 2 degrees as I was driving to work this morning at 7 a.m. Super glad it's now the weekend! Just a small shift at work tomorrow and then I'm going to feel oh-so relieved - also super glad that our little town doesn't have Sunday trading! Oh, about how I was planning on making vegan tacos, well we didn't have any vegan cheese available here, so instead it was just vegetarian tacos - they were amazing might I add - and tonight we made nachos with Mexican chilli beans, they were also very delectable! I love Mexican dishes so very much. And it's even more tasty with the meat substitutes! I want to start taking more and more photos, I've been slacking off lately with that. Also been really busy with work and whatever else. Well I'm quite tired, it's only 8:10 p.m. on a Friday night, sad? Today was a big day so I say I can do what I like. Going to watch me some Scrubs and chill out. Have a fabulous weekend all!


     I have this infatuation with beds and bedrooms. The way they're arranged and assembled... I just love it. It's one's sanctuary and depicts a lot about who they are as a person. My room is almost always messy. But they do say that people who have creative minds often have messy rooms. Just read this here, the guy has perfectly constructed an essay, In Defense of Messy Rooms. Although, I do feel good about myself and somewhat accomplished upon cleaning my room, I just manage to let it get out of hand again within a short amount of time.. usually within a few weeks.
     Today marks a week of healthy, vegetarian eating for me. I'm quite proud! I've even started a routine exercise. It really makes me feel happy, because I'm doing something extremely good for myself. I've cut out drinking coffee (including other milk drinks) and anything besides water, tea or (real) fruit juice, and not eating anything fast food.. with an exception to a Vege Delight wrap from Subway. I've also stopped my chocolate addiction! This also means I get to be creative when it comes to breakfast and dinner. This week I plan on making vegan tacos sometime. I get really excited when it comes to going grocery shopping, picking out all the nutritional foods and fresh fruit and vegetables. In just a short week, I've noticed a difference in my appearance too, so it just shows how simple it is to choose healthily, and doing things that are so beneficial for me and my body makes me feel really good. Also with those endorphins that help!
     Oh and thank you for the suggestions for the picnic you two lovely ladies! I had it today and it went down great. Me and my friend went down to her dam and sat on the deck and indulged ourselves with sandwiches, strawberries and cupcakes and downed it all with cordial. Today I call my "gorge myself day" because I just thought that one day of some sweet treats was okay, exercising it off makes me feel less guilty about it.
     Well, it's now the beginning of yet another week. I really despise Mondays, but I try to make the most of every day. I hope you all had a delightful weekend! I sure did.


Can someone maybe tell me some things I should take on a picnic? I've got some ideas.. but I'd love to hear a few fresh suggestions also!


On a windy and sunny day.
Your hair dancing in the breeze.
Playing with thoughts in your mind.
Thinking about answers and reasons.
Finding the good and finding out why.
Imagining of a place of simplicity.
Where hopes and dreams come true.
Listening to what nature has to say.
While basking in the partially sunny rays.
It begins to get cold.
You begin to wonder.
When and where your life will finally take off.
It's good this way, you needn't worry.
People say if they had the chance,
they wouldn't do it over.
Just live how you desire and love it.
The only person you need in your life is God.


Photos to show you small portions of my room.. and some not in my room.

I was born with a fast fuse

Recent looks I am liking (a lot) from Lookbook.nu - my wardrobe is in desperate need to be regenerated! I'm waiting for the time and day when I'm on top of all my debts and can just splurge on updating my wardrobe. I kind of feel sorry for my cupboard..