Hello again

     I feel bad for neglecting this blog.. So I'm sorry for going AWOL. But for the past week and a bit I haven't had any proper time on a computer with internet, only an iPhone - and I prefer not to blog on a phone. My holiday has nearly come to an end, and will be going back to the real world of work and whatever else at home soon enough. I can just say, 4 weeks without getting paid is long enough for me to want to go back to work. I'm excited about coming back home, seeing all my friends I haven't seen for over the four weeks, even seeing my co-workers again.
     Also, it was my birthday on Thursday which now makes me legal here in Australia to sip on some champagne in a licensed venue. I was so excited, that I went down to the corner shop to buy my older sister a pack of cigarettes. I just wanted to show my ID upon being asked for profe of age, and I didn't even get asked for it. I was a bit bummed out actually. Then later that day I bought a bottle of sparkling wine and the cashier at the bottle-o didn't ask me either! I showed her it. I don't think she even really took much notice of it anyway.. because she didn't seem to notice that it was my birthday. Oh well, I've got plenty of times in the future to be asked for ID I suppose.
     I still haven't been able to get my Diana film developed yet either. So when I get home I'll get that done. Anywho, I will update when I get home... and have a chance. Feels good to be able to update! Have a good weekend.

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