One winter's night

Last night me and a friend went around town, to a park look-out and out to the power station to take some photos. It was freezing! Today was also really cold, being just 2 degrees as I was driving to work this morning at 7 a.m. Super glad it's now the weekend! Just a small shift at work tomorrow and then I'm going to feel oh-so relieved - also super glad that our little town doesn't have Sunday trading! Oh, about how I was planning on making vegan tacos, well we didn't have any vegan cheese available here, so instead it was just vegetarian tacos - they were amazing might I add - and tonight we made nachos with Mexican chilli beans, they were also very delectable! I love Mexican dishes so very much. And it's even more tasty with the meat substitutes! I want to start taking more and more photos, I've been slacking off lately with that. Also been really busy with work and whatever else. Well I'm quite tired, it's only 8:10 p.m. on a Friday night, sad? Today was a big day so I say I can do what I like. Going to watch me some Scrubs and chill out. Have a fabulous weekend all!


  1. I love reading all your blogs.
    You sound very lovely.
    Also, your photos are really nice. I like the one with the cat! meowmeow.


  2. Thank you a bunch! You must be lovely to think I'm lovely : ) Lovelove xx