On a windy and sunny day.
Your hair dancing in the breeze.
Playing with thoughts in your mind.
Thinking about answers and reasons.
Finding the good and finding out why.
Imagining of a place of simplicity.
Where hopes and dreams come true.
Listening to what nature has to say.
While basking in the partially sunny rays.
It begins to get cold.
You begin to wonder.
When and where your life will finally take off.
It's good this way, you needn't worry.
People say if they had the chance,
they wouldn't do it over.
Just live how you desire and love it.
The only person you need in your life is God.


  1. hey i just wanted to say i LOVED this poem ♥
    im a Christian too,
    and i thought this was amazing.
    you're blog is awesome by the wayy :D

  2. Thank you! :) I'm super glad to hear that, I wrote it myself when I was having a solitary day out in the park :) Brightened my day to read your comment, what with all this flooding where I live. xx