I have this infatuation with beds and bedrooms. The way they're arranged and assembled... I just love it. It's one's sanctuary and depicts a lot about who they are as a person. My room is almost always messy. But they do say that people who have creative minds often have messy rooms. Just read this here, the guy has perfectly constructed an essay, In Defense of Messy Rooms. Although, I do feel good about myself and somewhat accomplished upon cleaning my room, I just manage to let it get out of hand again within a short amount of time.. usually within a few weeks.
     Today marks a week of healthy, vegetarian eating for me. I'm quite proud! I've even started a routine exercise. It really makes me feel happy, because I'm doing something extremely good for myself. I've cut out drinking coffee (including other milk drinks) and anything besides water, tea or (real) fruit juice, and not eating anything fast food.. with an exception to a Vege Delight wrap from Subway. I've also stopped my chocolate addiction! This also means I get to be creative when it comes to breakfast and dinner. This week I plan on making vegan tacos sometime. I get really excited when it comes to going grocery shopping, picking out all the nutritional foods and fresh fruit and vegetables. In just a short week, I've noticed a difference in my appearance too, so it just shows how simple it is to choose healthily, and doing things that are so beneficial for me and my body makes me feel really good. Also with those endorphins that help!
     Oh and thank you for the suggestions for the picnic you two lovely ladies! I had it today and it went down great. Me and my friend went down to her dam and sat on the deck and indulged ourselves with sandwiches, strawberries and cupcakes and downed it all with cordial. Today I call my "gorge myself day" because I just thought that one day of some sweet treats was okay, exercising it off makes me feel less guilty about it.
     Well, it's now the beginning of yet another week. I really despise Mondays, but I try to make the most of every day. I hope you all had a delightful weekend! I sure did.


  1. these are the kinds of rooms I dream about! love all of them!


  2. Aren't they just so.. dwell-able! Cosy..

  3. beautiful and inspiring bedrooms! Congrats on the healthy veggo eating!

  4. I know what you mean.
    I used to dream of being an interior decerator.
    *sigh* I love everything about a good bedroom,
    simple bedrooms to crazy kooky collectible filled rooms
    it dependson how you use and look at a room

  5. i love looking at photos of beds/bedrooms as well. you can really tell alot about a person from their room. if only mine looked like the second one

    ...look closer

  6. thanks for your comment lovely! yes I have been veggo all my life - so always have veg food on my blog.

    There are so many fantastic veggo/vegan blogs out there so that you can get plenty of ideas! variety is key.

    Maybe try the pikelets on your next 'treat day'... they are by no means health food haha