Hey Big Spender

I went a little crazy with my shopping spree on Sunday. Spending about $250 in one shop (my favourite, mind you) but was so good because I was in desperate need for some new additions to my wardrobe. Also bought Paramore tickets, a 35mm back for my Diana, and more foundation because my current Chanel one is running out. I'm really happy with it though, it has lasted me since November last year, with still more to go and only being 30mL, and I use it almost daily. So basically, it's pretty much the bee's knees. I felt so ecstatic when I got my tax back today, but all of mine had to go towards paying off debts.. I suppose all my spending doesn't really aid in my trying to pay off my debts either. Oh well. I'm really keen for next week's pay though, looking forward to buying some divine-looking lipstick, and a cosy-looking nightie. Also, I just love receiving my subscriptions for my beloved magazines in the mail. It makes me super excited to see it laying on my bed when I get home from work or wherever else. By golly! How fast is this year going?! It's August just around the corner.. next week!

I'm pretty happy right now. Things feel like they're finally panning out well. Hope everyone's enjoying their week!


  1. oh my my your blog is a bit on the lovely side of things!
    i enjoy your gazing at the pretty pictures ever so much. x

  2. Thank you! I'm really delighted to hear that :) xx