Oh, Diana

     At last! I finally got around to getting my beloved Diana F+ 120 film developed. Unfortunately only 7 of the 12 shots were printed, and only these four were decent enough to show you. I'm pretty happy with the results, although the film had a low ISO, so therefore it was difficult to capture a lot of light except when it was a complete sunny day. My next roll is 400, so hopefully that one turns out better. The camera place I got them printed are also going to be doing a photography course and the lady asked if I was interested in participating.. and so yep, I'll be doing that. I'm pretty stoked. Can't wait to take more more more! Except after this roll I think I'll buy a 35mm back for the camera so I can save some cash on buying the film and getting it developed too.
     In other news, I passed my driver's test! I have to admit it felt a bit odd driving around without a supervisor, but the freedom is exhilarating. All the thrill of it may wear off soon enough though. But I much prefer being able to go anywhere I want, whenever I want. So long as I have money for fuel.. Well. I think I need to sleep. Maybe try tidy my bedroom up a bit before though, it's in desperate need for a clean up. Goodnight, and have an incredible week.

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