The 411

It hit me last week that I'm starting to get older now that everyone's back at school and I'm doing my own thing with work and whatnot. I am excited because I applied for a debit MasterCard and that should be arriving in the mail sometime this week hopefully. So now I can buy things online with my own money that I lust for so bad without having to use mum's credit card. On that note, I bought 3 books online today. Andy Warhol's Screen Tests, Stargirl, and Deborah Spungen's story on her daughter Nancy's murder. I haven't read it before, but I've heard that it's a book you can't put down.. and Stargirl - I've read some online but stopped short because I didn't want to spoil the experience of reading it from a book itself.. because that kind of defeats the purpose of what books are there for. I also bought a new vintage clock! From one of my favourite shops Jaffa. It's snazzy and was worth the expense (well I think so anyway). So in summary, I've been doing a whole lot of spending when I'm supposed to be doing a whole lot of saving. Also I'm addicted to browsing people's Tumblr accounts. Some people just have the best photos, and that's what I love looking at.. pictures. After hearing great great stories of how greatly great Melbourne is, I am yearning to live there. Even though I haven't even been there.. or outside of my state for that matter, besides being born on the other side of the country (as I moved to my current state when I was 2, I hardly count that as experiencing other states). Anywho, I best be off to get an early night as I start work at 6 in the morning, and will need to get up at 4 to have a shower and wash, dry, and straighten my hair.. That's my update.
Ciao for now.


I'm still undecided on the song.. but the video is just insane!

Lofts are neat

Really really really want my room to be a loft right about now. Even though some of these may not be lofts... they are just rooms I'd love to live in where I could be solitude and read, burn incense and be rid of any form of technology.... and ooh la la just love the thought of it. I'm obsessed. Would also need a conservatory and a library. Also a nice verandah. Oh and a cute little country kitchen. I'm planning my dream home out, I'm 17. Nice.

Dream a little dream of me

Millions of peaches, peaches for me

I want to have a picnic. I want to make home made jam. I want to camp in a teepee . I want to travel. I want to speak fluent French. I want a heap of cameras. I want to cram as many festivals into my agenda for the next few years as possible. I want to live in a little cosy house. I want to experience and learn. I want I want. I. Should. Stop..


I've just decided now, that I will pursue in doing a Diploma of Photoimaging at TAFE in Brisbane (as photography is high up there on my interests and I'm keen on learning more), seeing as I will be resorting there later on in the year to live with my sister Rachel and her good friend Jessie. I'm really looking forward to this year.. see where everything takes me.
Caitlin, Ros, and I are road tripping it to the Gold Coast early tomorrow to enjoy the wonderful Sunday of Big Day Out. Tis our first Big Day Out too, so very stoked about it. So many expectations, but I just know it will be good seeing the select few bands I'm keen on seeing live. After all, live music really is quite the best. I seemed to have lost my camera cord to connect to the computer.. so I won't bother with it.. or maybe I will in case I find it again. But anywho, Caitlin will hopefully be taking her camera to have the memories to look back on.
Today I drove me and my mother to Gladstone because she had an appointment at the doctor. Basically just chilled out and then did some shopping.. nothing too great, just wanted to get my driving hours up so I can hopefully get my P's soon!
Not too sure what the go is for tonight, we'll find out. But for now, I am off to scrub up for my spray tan at 5:30pm! Ciao now brown cow.

Also, I really like Holly McCauley's work.

Don't step on the Mome Raths

"Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built."
— James Allen

The weather can be shitty, a friend can let you down, and things might not go the way you wanted them to… but a beautiful song will never lose it’s beauty.. it’s like the most perfect security blanket made of finely spun gold thread I just want to wrap myself in when I’m feeling down.

"Things are not what they appear to be: nor are they otherwise."
— Surangama Sutr

Don't listen to me, I'm on drugs

Wishful thinking. Thinking about thinking. Thoughts.
When your mind is at ease.. You can let anything run wild and free. Purity at its best. How much longer will it last? Forever, if only. Find your sanctuary. Make it better. Whatever IT may be. Re-evaluate your present way of life. Find what makes you happy, find what works, and keep at it. Only this can keep you genuinely true to yourself and free you from the troubles of life that may be a hassle to you. Seek into your thoughts getting deeper and more intricately. Pinpointing.. what is it that you live for? Are you healthy, psychologically and physically? Being bombarded with today's bullshit.. it will soon be in the past.. but what to do with all in the present? Be willing to accept. Be determined to change. Be free to do as you please. Don't be afraid of obstacles. Be brave and manoeuvre your way around such things. Have a job you love doing, rather one you despise, and only continuing with it so you can afford that dream car or that $2000 pair of designer shoes that will go out of fashion faster than seeing your dream car being driven past you by someone who you're wasting time wishing you were in their $2000 shoes.......... You do not need, you want. Therefore, you've lived before without things you want.. only difference it will make is a temporary feeling of masked happiness. What happens when that goes away? It's a drug. And we're all addicted. Money has fucked everyone up, and I'm not saying I haven't been swayed. I'm trying to chase these demons from my life.

Slow motion

I've loved this song for so long now.

I'm just no good at giving relief.

A kitty.
Ash brown hair.
Twin reflex camera.
Chanel bag.