Don't listen to me, I'm on drugs

Wishful thinking. Thinking about thinking. Thoughts.
When your mind is at ease.. You can let anything run wild and free. Purity at its best. How much longer will it last? Forever, if only. Find your sanctuary. Make it better. Whatever IT may be. Re-evaluate your present way of life. Find what makes you happy, find what works, and keep at it. Only this can keep you genuinely true to yourself and free you from the troubles of life that may be a hassle to you. Seek into your thoughts getting deeper and more intricately. Pinpointing.. what is it that you live for? Are you healthy, psychologically and physically? Being bombarded with today's bullshit.. it will soon be in the past.. but what to do with all in the present? Be willing to accept. Be determined to change. Be free to do as you please. Don't be afraid of obstacles. Be brave and manoeuvre your way around such things. Have a job you love doing, rather one you despise, and only continuing with it so you can afford that dream car or that $2000 pair of designer shoes that will go out of fashion faster than seeing your dream car being driven past you by someone who you're wasting time wishing you were in their $2000 shoes.......... You do not need, you want. Therefore, you've lived before without things you want.. only difference it will make is a temporary feeling of masked happiness. What happens when that goes away? It's a drug. And we're all addicted. Money has fucked everyone up, and I'm not saying I haven't been swayed. I'm trying to chase these demons from my life.


  1. You have found a way to describe what i have also been pondering of late, better than i have been able to do in my my own mind. The secret is to control your mind. If you have and believe the knowledge you have shared just now, then you have found the key to the control over these feelings.