I've just decided now, that I will pursue in doing a Diploma of Photoimaging at TAFE in Brisbane (as photography is high up there on my interests and I'm keen on learning more), seeing as I will be resorting there later on in the year to live with my sister Rachel and her good friend Jessie. I'm really looking forward to this year.. see where everything takes me.
Caitlin, Ros, and I are road tripping it to the Gold Coast early tomorrow to enjoy the wonderful Sunday of Big Day Out. Tis our first Big Day Out too, so very stoked about it. So many expectations, but I just know it will be good seeing the select few bands I'm keen on seeing live. After all, live music really is quite the best. I seemed to have lost my camera cord to connect to the computer.. so I won't bother with it.. or maybe I will in case I find it again. But anywho, Caitlin will hopefully be taking her camera to have the memories to look back on.
Today I drove me and my mother to Gladstone because she had an appointment at the doctor. Basically just chilled out and then did some shopping.. nothing too great, just wanted to get my driving hours up so I can hopefully get my P's soon!
Not too sure what the go is for tonight, we'll find out. But for now, I am off to scrub up for my spray tan at 5:30pm! Ciao now brown cow.

Also, I really like Holly McCauley's work.

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