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Wonderful Wednesday

Mother dearest.

I absolutely love having half day morning shifts. Start early and finish early, and goes super fast for me too. It leaves me feeling lighter in spirits too.

I've actually been feeling pretty good about myself too, as of late. Today I've eaten pretty good, got some exercise and got paid, so I'm still getting closer to becoming debt-free.. for the time being anyway.

In other news, my beloved little home-ware shop (Jaffa) I always find myself taking a look at in is closing down in a couple of weeks. Good thing out of this: SALE! But I'll really miss that place, going in there for a nice look and nice chat with the lady who.. I don't even know her name come to think of it, but she's lovely and is great to have a yarn with. She was kind enough to come into work and let me know of the dark news and also to let me know that bit of bright news out of it, there being a sale. She knew I had my eye on the big striped chest there and have admired it for awhile. It's pretty expensive but I can understand why, running your own shop wouldn't be easy. Especially for her type of shop and in its location.. being in this ghost town. So anyway back to the chest, it's now on sale and I now have it on lay-by! It's beautiful. I also couldn't help myself to buy a fragrance diffuser, dark chocolate flavour - it smells delicious! Reminds me a lot like coffee too. Everything in the shop is on sale. Which reminds me, the "SALE" signs in there are all falling off and wilting... I told her it's definitely a sign that she shouldn't go :) But oh well she's gotta do what she's gotta do.

I just overheard Banksy being mentioned on the news in the background, the controversial anonymous graffiti artist from Britain. I love his work; it's clever, witty and has meaning to it:

This afternoon I hopped on my bike, and rode down to the local conservation park at Mt Scoria, and had a fair look around (and managed to snap up a few pictures as above, excluding the first one)... seeing as I haven't actually taken a journey on the nature trail there up until now. It's pretty nice actually and looks good for photo-taking fun, with decent scenery. I like the whole "lost in the woods" theme. Not that it's very 'woodsy' there. Anywho, these are just a few snaps. So long.


Just to show you my photos freshly taken just within an hour ago.
PS. Poor frog.
PPS. I like clouds. And my old bus waiting chair.


Mum and Daddy-o went to Gladstone for a day trip today, and came home bearing gifts.. sort of. Well, they bought an espresso machine (which I'll let them think is theirs... but really, really is mine) and a DSLR camera for me! I actually have to pay if off over the months though. It'll be good for my first DSLR, it's a Sony Alpha A550. Can't wait for a test run and show you, whoever you are.

Stir-fry for dinner. It's weird the foods I once used to love/hate and now, have the opposite feeling toward it. Like champignon mushrooms, I used to love eating them. Just straight out of the tin too when I was a little girl, and the other day I tried one and wondered how I'd ever like a thing. Oh well I'm just a fussy person. Cheerio!


I've been remembering almost every dream I have had lately, and in very vivid detail too. Like last night I had a dream I was rummaging around in an op shop, and found myself a really pretty hat from back in the olden days.. I don't know how to explain it - I've never been good at explaining things - but it did bring me great joyousness from this find. Dreams can feel so real too. If only.

I just made an attempt to make ANZAC biscuits, to celebrate ANZAC day. Kinda didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped it would. They still taste good, but would be better if they were more flat than roundish. I'll make better ones in 2011.

Lest We Forget.



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Things are looking up, oh finally..

..I thought I'd never see the day, that you smile at me.

I just looked at the time and it was 11:11 p.m. and it's weird, because that's happened to me a lot lately. So as I have mentioned (I think I have), I took photos on my Kodak disposable camera, and got my lovely boyfriend to use his masterful powers to develop them for me with his discount at the photo shop.. just because he's awesome. So here they are. Pretty excited to get my very own roll of film developed.. ever. Enjoy.. just for funsies.