Things are looking up, oh finally..

..I thought I'd never see the day, that you smile at me.

I just looked at the time and it was 11:11 p.m. and it's weird, because that's happened to me a lot lately. So as I have mentioned (I think I have), I took photos on my Kodak disposable camera, and got my lovely boyfriend to use his masterful powers to develop them for me with his discount at the photo shop.. just because he's awesome. So here they are. Pretty excited to get my very own roll of film developed.. ever. Enjoy.. just for funsies.


  1. Oh my goodness 11:11 happens to me ALL the time. Like, freaky all the time. Btw how did you post these? Did you scan them?

  2. Haha it's prettttty freaky hey, freaky how often it happens :| and yep, scanned them on :)

  3. i love the resurgence in film use!

    it's heartwarming. i'm certain you'll fall for film for good and never want to use digital again!

    especially since your photographs are lovely

    chelsea jade

  4. Thank you! I think you're right... I'm far too in love with film right now! xx