Mum and Daddy-o went to Gladstone for a day trip today, and came home bearing gifts.. sort of. Well, they bought an espresso machine (which I'll let them think is theirs... but really, really is mine) and a DSLR camera for me! I actually have to pay if off over the months though. It'll be good for my first DSLR, it's a Sony Alpha A550. Can't wait for a test run and show you, whoever you are.

Stir-fry for dinner. It's weird the foods I once used to love/hate and now, have the opposite feeling toward it. Like champignon mushrooms, I used to love eating them. Just straight out of the tin too when I was a little girl, and the other day I tried one and wondered how I'd ever like a thing. Oh well I'm just a fussy person. Cheerio!

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