it's been a while

So, I don't use this blog so much anymore. I kind of miss it a bit, though tumblr is far easier and simpler and I really do enjoy "tumblring". There's been a lot of changes in my life since my last post, and I'll give you all a brief summary.

I moved towns. I got a full time job (my first) as an office assistant, and also doing waitressing on the side. I paid a deposit on a cruise to take place in January 2013 (Vanuatu, YES). Made a trip back to The Ville for a long weekend (got stuck and had to fly back). I went to Soundwave in Brisbane - had a good time catching up with my sister for those 2 nights I was there, was well worth the $1000+ return flight (I think..) and ate a much-cherished bag of peanut butter m&m's. All in all so far everything is awesome! I've been exercising and eating well also - PLUS, I haven't touched any softdrink since the new year :) downing lots of water.

My skin has been really good, I am using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and it is amazing. I've diagnosed myself with sensitive skin (never crossed my mind before) but I also have oily skin. Which is annoying, but Cetaphil is working wonders for me at the moment. It doesn't foam either which is awesome.

I did splurge a bit with online shopping in the past week.. but I'm sure to go back on track with my frugality!

I don't really know what else there is to say now! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying 2012, because I sure am :) Maybe I will have to come back here and update more often.
Otherwise, you can check out my tumblr here! And follow if you like :)

TTFN, tata for now xx