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  1. You must be one groovily-clad chick! I love the last picture best.
    I wish I had style. But then again, all my money goes towards books and music so it's probably best that I don't particularly feel the need to dress attractively, heh. ;)

    1. I don't think style is everything. Don't get me wrong, I really like clothes! But personality and character definitely is better.. and yours is beautiful and interesting :) I have those days though where I don't feel like dressing up. Dressing down is my favourite hehe. I'm a sucker for oversized knits :)

    2. Oh, I totally agree. I didn't mean a fashionable style, I just meant a personal style that portrays your character. My dearest friend has the most awesome, quirky style. Dressing down is so comforting. :)

    3. Oh, ok well that's cool, thanks! I love the quirky girls' styles that I see, it just comes natural to them too which is even better :) Agreed, it IS so comforting <3