Hello hello baby you called I can't hear a thing

So I'm not sure if I have mentioned on here yet, but my current plan is no longer to move to Brisbane. Instead I'm going to reside right here, at least for now. All so that I can pay off debts, save up and go do what I want to do (ultimately, to travel). In saying that, I'll be spending my time here trying to live off a budget, from this day forth. I still want to visit Melbourne sometime too. I also now possess my very own Diana F+, in which I'm giddy about getting the film developed. I may post some up when done, if I'm satisfied with any that is. I have film from a disposable camera that me and my friend bought last week that I'm keen on having a look at also when done.

The moon is so grand around Easter time, have a look for yourself. Tomorrow is April! One quarter of our way into the year already. I'm keen for winter, autumn's pretty great too though. I currently at this moment have a huge craving for Coca-Cola and Kit-Kats. In other news, I'm trying to cut down my Internet usage. There is so much else I could be doing instead of.. well blogging, Facebooking, the occasional Tweeting, and MSNing. Kind of contradicting... as I'm blogging at this moment. We shall see how I go. This is my update so yep, so long.

Do you ever get wanderlust to go somewhere?

I bought the grey marle "onesie". I just love Peter Alexander. The suspender frill knickers and the sequin nanna knickers are on my wishlist. They look so cute and comfy. Can't wait till the jumpsuit arrives! So I can be a big sleepy dork. I love sleep.

Isn't she beautiful?

Take a look at these amazing shots. You're probably gobsmacked (if you didn't already know) that these were taken by just a 17 year old girl from Townsville. Me coming from there, I don't personally know her. But she used to live a street down from one my good friends (not trying to sound like a stalker or anything...). Nirrimi Joy Hakanson, is a self-taught master and has already done shoots for magazines and making a living of her passion. She truly is an inspiration that you just got to keep at it, whatever it is in your life that you love, and it can happen. I know I'm gobsmacked. Check out (almost) all of her work here.


I've come across this article about the truth behind ugg boots. You may be shocked, or relieved that there is now a possible decrease in women wearing these horrible "fashion" items. I never really wore ugg boots out and about anyway, usually just at home in the winter. But I'm thinking I won't even do that anymore... Click on the picture for the article.