Desperation, need a little inspiration

So, the title says it all.. pretty self-explanatory actually. And my bedroom is begging to be cleaned. I'm looking forward to getting my roll of film from my Yashica developed. If any are decent I may post a few on here. Just all experimenting though. I can't wait for my hair appointment on Wednesday. I have so many magazines. But I never want to throw any away, even if most are all cut up to add pictures to collages and whatnot, I like to keep them all. I really want a new and better job. Hmm. I am feeling boring. Watched Garden State with Cat Nip boy yesterday. I don't think I was disappointed either, it was a pretty good film and well done. Also, I only have 20 more hours to go with my driving experience before I can send my log book away to go for my P's! Well this has been a lovely update, don't you think? Ha. Another weekend passed.

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