Red Pleasure, Like Boys

This here to the left, is now in my possession, in my hot little hands. It is simply the best lipstick. I'm digging the 'camel' colour as of late, and am keen to save up and go all out to purchase a Comme des Garçons PLAY cardigan in the particular colour, à la Alexa Chung. I came home early from work today, because of a sore belly. I really wanted to stay, to earn me more money, but I just couldn't bare the thought of being sick on a 9-hour shift and with not much rest. But I don't mind about that. I spent the night at my friend's house (the Blu-Tack house) last night, and we made a fire out the back and roasted marshmallows, to make our smores. First time making them for me, and I really liked it too! Definitely a must thing to do for camping out with a bonfire. Then we went inside and watched Cadillac Records, and I really did enjoy it. Plus I was pretty impressed with Beyonce's effort in the acting too. So now I thought I'd do a blog update. I want an iPhone. I hope everyone's enjoying their Friday, and have a grand weekend!

Be With Me Always

     I'm anticipating this film, Never Let Me Go, starring Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. I really am fond of Carey Mulligan, I loved her in An Education, and this trailer is making me keen to see it. I hope it's not a let down, so I'll try to not get my hopes up too much.
     Quel week! I hate the week just passed, and I don't think I've ever felt as unmotivated or lazy as I've felt today. Lazy Sunday, I do not like you. I'm hoping for drastic, yet uplifting changes. I don't want to live as a hermit but being social around here just isn't all that fun. Feeling uninspired is truly so dreadful.

     Work, sleep, eat, repeat.. 

Joie de Vivre

I agree with Audrey on this one. I'm super happy today, and have been lately too, except for an extremely dull and uninspiring of a day yesterday. Today has been good, I worked and the time just flew by! I don't really know why I'm feeling in such high spirits, but I don't mind at all, because everything seems to be going quite swell right now. So smile, guys and gals, because it makes you seem approachable and attractive. I love seeing people smile, and laughter. It's so contagious. Pure bliss, kisskiss.

Mean reds

A few photographs I took this afternoon. I haven't been able to use my camera in awhile now, forever it seems since I last took photos. I've missed it. By golly I sure love seeing people that I haven't seen in forever, just at a random time too. It happened to me yesterday and today. Yesterday it was when I served an old teacher of mine who I haven't seen in forever, and then today I saw a friend (known him since pre-school, we've had some history.. little kids kissing on the bus aha!) today who, I haven't seen since last year! He seems to be living like a hermit. Which is lame because he is the most funny kid around and most friendliest, and we (me and friends) all want him to be a little more social because he truly is great. So it was great to stop for a chat, it definitely is so good even just for a few minutes.
     I want to stop by someone's house, not for anything in particular. Just to say a good old hello and enjoy a cup of tea, reminiscing and laughter included. That would be grand. There's hardly ever a chance to do that though, what with everyone working or having something else planned.. if only it were a simpler place.
     One of my co-workers called me a hippie today. I guess she's sort of right. I mean I do sort of consider myself a bit of a hippie at times. But not a full-blown, dope-smoking, smelly and dirty one. I think that little things I like, say or do may have caused her to think of me as one anyway.
     On that note (work), we all got a pay rise. It's only 15c extra an hour, but it all adds up, plus I don't dread working as much as I used to so I feel good about that. And it allows me to buy my own groceries, considering I don't really eat what the rest of my family eats. Tonight I made cauliflower and cheese soup, it was successful! And also rather filling might I add.

    Well I hope everyone's enjoying their week, hope this Wednesday is treating you well! Love.

Lovely lashes

I've always been one for loving long, dark lashes. I prefer natural lashes, I would never get lash extensions, but I don't mind going to great lengths and applying false lashes for a dramatic effect.

Where is my mind?

     So I'm super sad upon finding out today that our local Woolworths has stopped selling the Pom pomegranate juice range! I may have been like the only person that bought them, but still so bummed about it. I suppose it'll make it that bit more exciting when I find it in another Woolworths or somewhere awesome that stocks them.
     Today was an average day at work. I'm surprised it didn't seem as bad as it usually would seeing as I was on the lame register that everyone despises - instead my 5 hour shift went fairly quick. Driving home with the windows down on a warm August winter day, the breeze was still cool. Did some grocery shopping with the mother to get necessities and some indulgences, not too much of an impulse shopping trip though. I'm still doing the vegetarian diet, although the other night was the only exception because I spent the night at a friend's and we got Chinese, 3 large tubs for $20! I think that's a bargain, seeing as normally it'd cost over $30. But yes, that was my only splurge because we didn't have anything else to eat. I feel kind of like a contradiction now, but it won't happen again.
     This week (tomorrow maybe), I'll be making some banana bread! Well the recipe is leaning more towards cake rather than bread, which I don't mind, because it sounds delectable anyway. I've been really into making home-made meals and the like lately, although the last one I attempted (asparagus and ricotta pizza) with my friend didn't turn out so well.. it sounded like it'd be good, but maybe I needed to be a little bit more prepared than I was that night. I did, however, make a delicious summer squash stir-fry last week! It really was yummo, I suggest it. Whole Foods pretty much has amazing recipes altogether I think. Plus it lists the nutritional information with each recipe (if not, most recipes).
    Today my 35mm back for my Diana F+ arrived in the mail, I'm quite excited to use it after the 120 roll loaded already in there is done. I'll save a lot on film and development too. Grazia magazine has an offer, 10 issues for $10 subscription. And the past 2 months+ I've been getting each weekly issue, so I decided to get the offer because I'll save a lot. I'm trying to be as frugal as possible lately. I need to because I'm going away to Gold Coast in September for Parklife festival, and Brisbane in October for Paramore's concert. I don't have a credit card either, I really don't think I should ever get one either. They just seem like a lot of hassle to me. A debit card is good enough for me. Just so that I can purchase things online, i.e., tickets, eBay items, makeup, etc.
     Right now I'm just keen for pay day. As I usually am. Well I hope that everyone's enjoying the start to another new week, and the start to August!

Homemade jam

Just another disposable camera developments I got done the other day. Vanilla yoghurt is pretty great.