Mean reds

A few photographs I took this afternoon. I haven't been able to use my camera in awhile now, forever it seems since I last took photos. I've missed it. By golly I sure love seeing people that I haven't seen in forever, just at a random time too. It happened to me yesterday and today. Yesterday it was when I served an old teacher of mine who I haven't seen in forever, and then today I saw a friend (known him since pre-school, we've had some history.. little kids kissing on the bus aha!) today who, I haven't seen since last year! He seems to be living like a hermit. Which is lame because he is the most funny kid around and most friendliest, and we (me and friends) all want him to be a little more social because he truly is great. So it was great to stop for a chat, it definitely is so good even just for a few minutes.
     I want to stop by someone's house, not for anything in particular. Just to say a good old hello and enjoy a cup of tea, reminiscing and laughter included. That would be grand. There's hardly ever a chance to do that though, what with everyone working or having something else planned.. if only it were a simpler place.
     One of my co-workers called me a hippie today. I guess she's sort of right. I mean I do sort of consider myself a bit of a hippie at times. But not a full-blown, dope-smoking, smelly and dirty one. I think that little things I like, say or do may have caused her to think of me as one anyway.
     On that note (work), we all got a pay rise. It's only 15c extra an hour, but it all adds up, plus I don't dread working as much as I used to so I feel good about that. And it allows me to buy my own groceries, considering I don't really eat what the rest of my family eats. Tonight I made cauliflower and cheese soup, it was successful! And also rather filling might I add.

    Well I hope everyone's enjoying their week, hope this Wednesday is treating you well! Love.

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