Red Pleasure, Like Boys

This here to the left, is now in my possession, in my hot little hands. It is simply the best lipstick. I'm digging the 'camel' colour as of late, and am keen to save up and go all out to purchase a Comme des Garçons PLAY cardigan in the particular colour, à la Alexa Chung. I came home early from work today, because of a sore belly. I really wanted to stay, to earn me more money, but I just couldn't bare the thought of being sick on a 9-hour shift and with not much rest. But I don't mind about that. I spent the night at my friend's house (the Blu-Tack house) last night, and we made a fire out the back and roasted marshmallows, to make our smores. First time making them for me, and I really liked it too! Definitely a must thing to do for camping out with a bonfire. Then we went inside and watched Cadillac Records, and I really did enjoy it. Plus I was pretty impressed with Beyonce's effort in the acting too. So now I thought I'd do a blog update. I want an iPhone. I hope everyone's enjoying their Friday, and have a grand weekend!


  1. mmm roasted marshmallows <3
    and the lipstick's not too bad either ;D
    just kidding, it looks are sounds great!


  2. Haha oh, you wouldn't believe how great it is, so velvety and so lovely :)