Pictures I like.


  1. oooh I love the heels with the swallow socks, reminds my of mui mui,
    and zooey deschanel is OH-SOOO gorgeous!!!
    I thought I'd let you know, your blog is featured on my blog column , if you would like to see
    keep up your inspirations
    1001 ways to be more lovely

  2. Yes yes! Mui Mui it is, and it is lovely indeed isn't it? Zooey is just spectacular too!

    Oh thank you so very much! I follow your blog and anticipate every blog post when I see it come up in my blog feed :) That means a lot to me, so thank you again! xxxx

  3. Hey, just would like to suggest take a look at this blog. I find it very inspiring, and i though you might too. It reminds me of your blogs a lot.
    Just thought you might enjoy.
    Much love xx

    Here is the link;