Hello hello baby you called I can't hear a thing

So I'm not sure if I have mentioned on here yet, but my current plan is no longer to move to Brisbane. Instead I'm going to reside right here, at least for now. All so that I can pay off debts, save up and go do what I want to do (ultimately, to travel). In saying that, I'll be spending my time here trying to live off a budget, from this day forth. I still want to visit Melbourne sometime too. I also now possess my very own Diana F+, in which I'm giddy about getting the film developed. I may post some up when done, if I'm satisfied with any that is. I have film from a disposable camera that me and my friend bought last week that I'm keen on having a look at also when done.

The moon is so grand around Easter time, have a look for yourself. Tomorrow is April! One quarter of our way into the year already. I'm keen for winter, autumn's pretty great too though. I currently at this moment have a huge craving for Coca-Cola and Kit-Kats. In other news, I'm trying to cut down my Internet usage. There is so much else I could be doing instead of.. well blogging, Facebooking, the occasional Tweeting, and MSNing. Kind of contradicting... as I'm blogging at this moment. We shall see how I go. This is my update so yep, so long.

Do you ever get wanderlust to go somewhere?

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