brown white red denim ballerina bun

life is pretty fab lately. God has been an incredibly great Father. have met so many new people from church and it's such an amazing feeling. i recently bought coconut oil, to use as a body lotion. i've heard it's really good for you and so far so good! it is a little like using tanning oil, but somehow not as greasy. it just leaves your skin feeling nice and supple. and unfortunately i've started to get the dreadful psoriasis! so hopefully this coconut oil helps with that. i have been really inspired to do some interior decorating/design and just homeware in general. i've always loved interior design. it would probably have to be a dream job of mine. wherever i go i look at the architectural design of places, the set up and everything. i love photography but i just don't see myself using it as a profession, rather just a favourite past time. although it would be lots of fun to do photoshoots and travel. my sister moves to brisbane next week, it's going to be weird coming home from work to a whole room and queen bed to myself. is that weird? i like having alone time. but being downstairs all by my lonesome at night will be daunting. i like sleepovers! i love love love the sweatshop. they are so mighty fine. plus they have amazing jaffles. PLUS they don't charge you extra for soy milk or extra fillings for your jaffles. how sweet is that? and $4 for a large coffee is just a bargain i say. if you are ever in townsville perchance, go there. you won't be let down. it's the cutest most hipster cafe in townsville in my opinion. ok enough raving about sweatshop. i'm enjoying my couple of days off, scored bargains at target this morning and went for lie-down out in the sun to get my much-needed vitamin d intake (pastey mcpaste paste), ate a delicious kensington pride mango and now not too sure. be a good girl and clean my room maybe. anywho. happy thursday!


  1. Does coconut oil smell strongly like coconut? If so, I'd have to resist the urge to lick myself all day, hehe. I hope it does help your psoriasis!

    Sounds like a lovely day/week/time you've been having. I am delighted to hear that! :)

    And what is a jaffle? It sounds like it could be delicious, I must say.

  2. Don't know which brand of coconut oil ur using but it's really good for the skin.add a little squeeze of lemon and apply on any sort of marks or tanning.u'll see wonders.apply it 10 min before ur bath to curb the smell :)
    happy Thrusday!

  3. melee- it does indeed smell strongly of coconut, so i would have to recommend you shouldn't use it if you can't resist licking yourself all day :P a jaffle, is a toasted sandwich basically, especially those jaffle makers that create in-dints to "seal" the goodness inside (which the fillings are of your desire!) they're truly amazing :)

    tanisha- i am using the raw organic niugini coconut oil. thanks for the advice! i'll definitely keep that in mind :)